An elder bought my son a suit

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  • JWdaughter

    As head of the household, you could tell your wife that you would prefer that she not accept gifts from non-related men, even if for your children.

    If you get any more suits from anyone, take it to your nearest donation bin so some poor JW can buy it for 25% of the original price. Just as you would do with any gift that was impractical or inappropriate. Unless you have the receipt or it is from a known store. Then return it and buy some more onesies. You now know how many you can go through on even a GOOD day. :)

    Congratulations on the little one! What a gift

  • LevelThePlayingField

    @apostate - totally LOL at your pic!

    @clambake - I have to ask. Does the suit fit or will it take another year for it to fit him? I just can't imagine companies making suits for 6 month old babies. But I do see them making suits for 3 year olds but not for 6 month olds. So was it given to you as a gift for him to grow into in the later years, say when he's three?

  • Alive!
    Hope it hasn't got tight pants.
  • smiddy

    Did it have a matching tie ?

    oppostate , that pic was so funny.

    sparky 1 , You can`t fool me , those kids aren`t J.W.`s their obviously Amish .


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Don't give the idiot the satisfaction of knowing he got to you. If your child goes to the meeting make sure he is in his comfiest sleeper or onesie. Give the suit to whoever else has the next baby in the congregation, he will then know you didn't appreciate the gift without your saying anything. Sometimes the slow burn is best.

    I like Lisa rose's idea the best so far but I also might return the suit to the store and get several more Onesies for the baby to wear to the meeting and if he asks about the suit, have your wife tell him to call you about that.

    It seems odd that a man would be giving the baby a gift to your wife rather than letting his own wife give it to her. This is what makes me think he's making a statement as an elder, about getting the little boy started out on the proper path and is making it seem as if he thinks of himself as your wife and your son's spiritual head.

    You know the situation best but I must admit that part of me thinks that if it were me, I'd call the elder and ask him why he chose a suit as a baby gift. I'd let him off the hook and thank him if he said he saw the suit and thought it was cute and your boy was the only baby he could think of who he could get it for.

    If he said he thought the suit would get the boy started out right as young minister or something to that effect, I'd know that this was another case of an elder assuming his authority goes beyond the platform of the Kingdom Hall. I'd remind him that as the boy's father, I will be taking care of the his guidance and will be deciding what is appropriate for him to wear. Depending on how the conversation went, I'd thank him for the suit and for thinking of your the baby but I also might tell him I would be asking my wife to return the suit to him at the next meeting.

  • Clambake

    It was actually him and his wife that gave it as a gift and it will be a least a year before he will fit into it. It was just the jw statement it made that pissed me off.

    I wonder of there are any stats on mixed households and the kids retaining the religion. I believe the odds are in my favor especially with my being just a social witness.

  • konceptual99
    Dunedain - amazing
  • mana11

    He is letting you know that you are not thinking in a spiritual way.

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