Make Your Excellent Point to a JW, But- Remember, it's a Mind Control Cult.

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  • flipper

    OTWO- Good points you bring out my friend. Just being there for these JW's in a supportive, emotional kind of way as Sparrowdown did is an excellent way of giving support for sure to JW's. No need to get into a verbal pissing match with them about doctrines- it's support these folks need. I try to do that with my still-in JW family just a phone call to let them know I care. Perhaps it will sink in someday

  • Dagney

    Hi OTWO! waves.

    I echo your thoughts. All the JW's I know have seen this organization pivot so many times on issues and doctrine, they are used to it. Right now the focus is "Don't Give Up!" They make up their own reasons for staying, family, social, it's easier...hanging on to the hope of a pet tiger, a very strong tether. I am convinced you cannot argue with faith; it is a waste of time.

    With that being said, my little arrows are at the corporation. I tell them they are doing things that go against my conscience. They don't want to know or I know it raises a niggle in them.

    We can only hope more and more will have the courage to step outside the box.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    In this and in other matters, it can be all too easy to forget that human beings are not always rational - perhaps seldom ever rational. Hardly surprising then that appeals to the emotions are more likely to be effective!

  • OnTheWayOut
    Ding, end of page 1:

    Those are their almighty fallback answers that allow their members to turn off their brain. If you are pushed into a corner, you admit you don't know all the answers and fall back on "The light gets brighter as the day draws near."

    Similarly, "Wait on Jehovah" suffices for many. I like the comment, " them to think in soundbites."
    I mean, I don't "like" that it is done, but it pretty much always gives them an answer when they don't have one.
    I think that contributes to people's tendency to want to counter WT indoctrination with catchy zingers of their own.

    Yes, we have zingers about the light switch flickering or the chariot going backwards and plenty more that I am not thinking about right now. They are great for us, but won't really help to shout out in a debate with a JW.

    Page 2:
    Flipper, perhaps it will sink in one day. Keep trying.

    Bungi Bill, if appeals to the emotion don't work, you are still known for giving it such a great try.

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