Before you judge anti-vaxxers

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  • LV101

    frozen2018 oh my re/"thalidomide": Is that the med they gave to pregnant women starting in the 50s - 60s/70s and finally realized babies being born with wing hands at the shoulders, armless, legless, etc., etc?

    The geniuses finally had enough data (dark ages) and pulled from the market. I had bottles of that stuff - my doctor told me in the mid 80s what was going on. Thankfully, I was so nauseas couldn't hold anything on my stomach.

  • waton
    go read about thalidomide.

    f: remember it well, people still working with no arms. yes, medical treatments can turn out to be hazardous, think of the billions paid out in the tainted blood scandal. but in the long run, vaccinations have been a boon to all of us. yes,

    Thalidomide came from the same country as the novel vaccine, yet it was only a 'feel better' pill, not a live saving preventative.

    as a non vaccinated person you represent a health risk to your fellow workers. your employer may be sued for letting you loose among the herd.

  • frozen2018

    Constitution has nothing to do with it.

    You are correct. I'm not the one who stated employers have the "right" to force employees to take experimental therapies. A employer has wide latitude when setting conditions of employment. I don't know if that extends to experimental drugs. The courts will have to decide that question. I really don't know why waiting for FDA approval is an issue for so many people.

  • FedUpJW

    @frozen2018 - you make a valid point, regardless of anyone who disagrees. IF the COVID jab is so safe as the government claims and Big Pharma claims, then let them put their $$$$$ where their mouths are and assume ALL financial liability for any and all side effects as you said.

    Of course they won't, just as sure as their will be thumbs down for my comment.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @frozen: mRNA vaccines have been tested for nearly 3 decades, none have passed FDA approval. Having one that works would be a goldmine for companies that invested the last 50 years in mRNA research. Hence why we now have “special” vaccines when they could’ve just made regular century-old egg-based vaccines, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

    The drawbacks of mRNA treatment is also its strength. You can target specific viruses down to the variant, basically designer drugs that would be great for cancer treatment, you can target wayward cells that are very specific without making your body go completely autoimmune. But it means however in vaccines, as we now learned, that you have virtually no resistance against fast mutations and variants.

  • Justaguy

    Correct and this one does NOT have FDA approval as such, it only has emergency approval. Full approval is the legendary “safe and effective” label. Its on the FDA’s website

  • FedUpJW

    as a non vaccinated person you represent a health risk to your fellow workers

    Still waiting for someone to logically and intelligently explain exactly how that works. IF the COVID jab is so safe and is the "silver bullet" as it seems to be claimed by the jab proponents then it should not matter to the 'vaccinated' person how someone who has adopted a wait and see strategy is any kind of danger to the COVID jabbed person.

    So far it seems that the only alleged benefit to taking the jab is that when you catch the next variant you might not get quite as sick. And there are a number of stories out there now that indicate a jabbed person can transmit the virus just as readily as anyone else.

    Imagine if you will a virus that is so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it, and a "vaccine" that is so safe you have to be threatened to get it.

  • waton

    as a non vaccinated person you represent a health risk to your fellow workers

    Still waiting for someone to logically and intelligently explain exactly how that works.

    FUJ: There is a big difference from the virus being carried into a fertile facility, like a meat plant, on skin that has not be scrubbed, and/or

    exhaled into the air by a person that is infected and carries the replicating virus.

    vaccination limits the development into that virulent stage, where it damages you and those that you potentially share the virus with via ventilation or the lack of it.

    I do not judge anti vaxxers, but stay home, in isolation and create and enjoy your safe cocoon.

  • Justaguy
  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Another thread where some are just throwing around numbers which they have heard and not checked.

    Point in case: Israel- they are NOT 95% vaxxed.

    If you are going to use data to make a point, at least check it first.

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