Before you judge anti-vaxxers

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  • Justaguy

    Or it could be that there has never been an effective mRNA vaccine and this has not proven to be the first…

  • Vidqun

    If you vaccinate people during an epidemic you actually encourage variants to proliferate. Those resistant to the vaccine will flourish. Fauci and WHO should have followed India's successw story by treating COVID with Ivermectin. Today they have it under control.

  • WTWizard

    I believe there are safer, more effective alternatives that are simply disallowed. All they do is say "Nope, not good enough" to anything that is not vaccines. And that alone is enough to make me believe the vaccines are dangerous and ineffective.

    As for me, I got the Amazon "shot" in May 2020. That is when my first bottles of quercetin arrived, and I started taking it then. Now, this does require a "booster" dose per day, but of a nutrient that is only going to help those who take it. This stuff works like the hydroxychloroquine that was banned in 2020 because it competed with the remdesivir (worthless and quite dangerous, best reserved for cases where even the quercetin and then ivermectin aren't enough) and the mandatory vaccines.

    As for long term dangers? I suppose that, one day, I might choke on a quercetin pill and die from that. But at least I will not be getting blood clots, auto-immune diseases, cancer, strokes, heart failure, blindness, deafness, and severe fatigue from it. And I know quercetin works against all variants, from the original SARS and MERS, to whatever Chinese letter they finally end up with for variants.

    Too bad it is not good enough for those jokehovian witlesses when they re-open the buildings for in-person boasting sessions and field circus. They are going to insist on a real shot, not the Amazon "shot".

  • LV101

    The vaccines' efficacy wears off (4 - 6 mos) and they only protect you for one (1) spike protein -- what about all the other 28 proteins?!

    Now we are witnessing the horror of escape mutants they're referring to Delta. CDC stopped counting the breakthroughs first of May and reported only 11,000, however, only 35 states (through end of July) had reported breakthrough nos. at 111,748! They, of course, tried to blame the UNvaxxed but per the stats/data had to come clean. Also, stats out of Israel, Iceland (all vaxxed) Gibraltar it's obvious. Many very ill people in Israel - 90-95% vaxxed are the highest deaths/illnesses. Even Bloomberg did a great article as they could no longer stand the fraud (amazing). You won't hear the horror on mainstream media, including FOX NEWS - Murdock controlled along with Big Pharma/China. Tucker/Laura try to sneak in the reality - Tucker was excoriated mos ago when he had Dr. Malone on his show. Dr. Malone - creator of the mRNA. Good luck getting your facts on media.

    A few posters have linked good videos from renown virologists/immunologists/VACCINOLOGISTS which are all over the internet. A good one to watch re/the vacs/spike proteins - there are many but this one is fast/simple in football field graphics - is on - it's the video with a chalkboard diagram, I think. It may have been linked here within past month or so.

    This is not good determining which jabba-jabba (or clot-shot) is causing the most issues. Worrying about family members, life-long friends, one's own health, is overboard.

    Racing along - no time to proof and I'm sure this info has been repeated above.

  • waton
    A couple of large businesses where I live are mandating the vaccine ("take the jab or lose your job")

    f: Businesses have the right to expect a certain standard from their employees.

    A basic one is to behave in the safest manner possible. It is a safer world now, since we have vaccines. fellow employees too have the right to work in a virus free surroundings, virus carrier free that is.

  • LV101

    There's no factual info yet re/how many have actually been vaccinated. I doubt the CDC would hype the nos😳 - that's hilarious!! I'm all for the vax if it works and doesn't kill us. Some say only about 25-29% somewhere in that range have actually been vaccinated but who knows. At this point in time the older ones (friends/family) over age 60 are doing just fine w/exception of leg pain (2 people w/upper to knee area) and one with heart issue but they didn't do correct lab test - special blood test - to pick up the very tiny clots that MRI/ultrasound, etc., miss. If they're still kicking it's good news to me and time will tell.

    Media uses race, levels of education, age, etc., to intimidate along with the #1 fear factor to promote vaccinations. We couldn't wait to race to get the jabba jabba - after all media assured us it was safe. No worries if you missed your shot to be inoculated - Nova has one coming out next month and they'll be plenty of boosters and daily mega-COVID pills to take daily.

    Interesting the CDC or FDA are not requiring employees to be vaxxed. Nurses being fired - obviously no pandemic at those hospitals!!

  • frozen2018

    f: Businesses have the right to expect a certain standard from their employees.

    LOL! So employers have the "right" to force employees take experimental therapies? Where is that in the Constitution? You do know that forced medical experiments violate the Geneva Convention.

    For people who are convinced that the COVID vax is safe and everyone should take it, go read about thalidomide.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I was listening to a news report this morning where they interviewed a BLM activist.

    He said he didn’t take the vaccine because the government put extraordinary effort in trying to make sure black people got access to the vaccine first and thus it is racist.

    Oh, the logic of the left.

    @waton: you have no right to demand other people aren’t sick, that is not an enumerated right you have. You have the freedom to get vaccinated, which according to the latest research from Israel gives you a 30% chance not to get sick. You don’t get to demand other people follow your religious medical prescriptions.

  • David.L.Henson

    "LOL! So employers have the "right" to force employees take experimental therapies? Where is that in the Constitution? You do know that forced medical experiments violate the Geneva Convention."

    Constitution has nothing to do with it. You're not "forced". You can choose to go work elsewhere. You sound like those people getting booted from stores for being maskless and screaming that their "constitutional rights" are being violated.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @david no your employer does not have the right to fire you for not participating in their religious practices. The only concern of your employer should be whether you do your job, in the US, you cannot discriminate against perceived, past or future disability or health condition. Otherwise your employer could mandate that all women get abortions, or that all men that work with children have their genitals removed. If it’s safety that you want, then remove yourself from society altogether.

    Although, I do think stores should have the right to mandate things on their property, there are laws that say they cannot discriminate on a variety of reasons. If you want to mandate that stores service gays and transgender, they should be mandated to service those that aren’t woke.

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