What was the strangest off-the-cuff remark you ever heard from and elder or higher appointee?

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  • donny

    I showed up for Saturday Morning field service and I was partnered with an elder who had transferred to our congregation in the Dallas, Texas area from Michigan. I told him about a recent embarrassing moment where I had played a "worldly" song during the Sunday meeting due to someone replacing the cassette I had placed in the cassette player late Friday night that had the correct "Kingdom Melody."

    Out of the blue he said "About 4 years ago I was giving the Sunday talk and I kept sporting a boner from time to time which was bizarre since being horny and teaching about Jehovah is typically not something one associates with one another."

    My only reply was, "No, they don't sound compatible to me."

    What strange things have you heard from those "appointed by holy spirit?"

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    George Gangas of the Governing Body approached a young woman, held her hands, and said "Neeeeever touch a woman!"
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    One elder and pioneer would refer to various publications as "bad boy" "baby" and "puppy" and encourage his bible students to read them while sitting on the toilet.
  • hoser

    My buddy and I were out in service with the circuit overseer about 2005 or so.

    Out of the blue he asked us if we had read about the new thought that if you watched porn while you masturbated it was now considered unclean ness with greediness and could result in a judicial hearing.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Just about every word uttered by the GB on JW Broadcasting.
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Hoser: Is that really true?!

  • titch

    Hoser: OMG! That's Brazen conduct...Brazen conduct! Thanks for sharing.


  • apostrate

    This isn't exactly "off-the-cuff", but while attending a marriage ceremony in a Kingdum hall in Irving, TX the "brother" performing the ceremony starts talking to the couple getting married and says, "Now you are going to find that a wife isn't always going to be easy to get along with. Especially about once a month!"

    The congregation roars with laughter! Now, this may not seem so risque in todays "Two And A Half Men" era of comedy, but back in 1970, in a Kingdum Hall no less, it was pretty controversial!

    In fact, I was privy to some behind the scenes information, and I heard that he was asked to tone it down in his talks, by some of the other elders. On the other hand, other couples who were going to get married, were asking him to perform their marriage ceremony, specifically asking for the "menstruation period" talk!

  • Sabin
    @neatbluedog, you better believe it, I know a young sister who was going through her baptism questions, she was about 15 years old, & this elder in his 60`s asked her how she was doing with masturbation. I think they want to know cause their own wives have shut up shop & they need some thing to get off on themselves.
  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder
    Don't even get me started :-) There are so many bat shit crazy elders and C.O.'s that are off the rails, they probably have to have several full time people in the service departments just to answer letters about them.

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