What was the strangest off-the-cuff remark you ever heard from and elder or higher appointee?

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  • tiki
    At one time we had Sam herd as district overseer and he was off on an Armageddon rant and how they be raping nuns in the street....the whole talk was really crazy....I don't remember much else but the nun thing was just so insane I never forgot it. At the time we chalked him up to being a nut case....
  • Truthexplorer
    About 17 years ago when I actually believed the troof to be the truth back then. Our new CO came for his 6 monthly visit. The sisters swooned over this guy as he was single. He certainly was a charismatic character when it came to his talks. Everyone sat up and listened when he delivered a talk. Anyway, we were preparing for field service having met at an old sisters home. As can imagine the livingroom was packed. Just before he started giving some ideas to prepare us for the ministry, he was having a bit of banter with the sisters. He was standing up at the time and started doing the Elvis the pelvis type roll of his hips and then came out with 'you wanna grab hold of my love handles'!!! Well you should have seen those sisters. I will always remember the face of one sister. Her eyes just about popped out of her head, mouth wide open with her jaw just about touching the floor. That for me was probably the single most incredible totally inappropriate off the cuff moment I remember, especially the fact it was the circuit overseer; and still laugh about it to this day when I think of the look on those sisters faces :-)
  • stuckinarut2

    An elder who has often made comments like :

    " By the end of 2012 the new system will be here!"

    The date came and went, but he still makes the same sweeping statements.... now its supposed to be "within the next few months"...

    I'll visit him in a nursing home one day in the next 20 years and remind him of all those predictions....

  • mynameislame

    I was called arrogant by an elder once.

    Every morning at the field service meeting it was the same thing. Who want's to drive? As a poor pioneer I was happy to use my car but generally didn't have a lot of money for gas. So I would say "We can use my car as long as people can chip in for gas". After a couple days of this he took me aside and told me he thought I was being arrogant by suggesting that we could only use my car if people gave me gas money.

    Funny thing is I never saw him offer to use his car even once.

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