What is YOUR life like?

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  • JH
    Or is everything a battle and a major fight for survival? Just curious.

    The point here is that life is not equal for everyone from the START. Some have handicaps and have to cope with that ALL their lives. Others have everything nice from beggining to the end. Go take a walk in a hospital and see the misory. Look at those working at a minimum wage, and trying to make ends meet. The less you're paid the more you work, and vice versa. From that point, either lucky or unlucky, you have to be positive and try to make the best out of your situation. But sometimes it can be very difficult and frustrating, especially if you are alone in life, and have no help. Yes, I agree that for some, it is a major fight for survival like stated above.

  • SheilaM

    Mr: Moe:

    Hmmm what to say so that will make you feel better. I have been alone raising a child by myself and I know how it can be. I tried to positive and maintain a good perspective but I KNOW it's hard. If Thunder hadn't skated into my life who know's how my life would have gone.

    I tend to try not to talk about my problems, I never have, not that I'm being dishonest I just tend to keep those things close. I've disclosed more on this forum then I ever have.

    I will say this your beautiful you have a beautiful baby and she is healthy and my gosh that is a blessing. I know you were able to leave a bad situation from what I've discerend so that shows how much strength you have. I know you get lonely and sad, Melanie my daughter is going through that too but keep your chin up hug that baby and all will be well, REALLY.

    So if you need to talk more PM me.

  • animal

    Nice Mega.... your learning. Life is as hard as you let it be.


  • JH

    Strange Animal

    (You're A) Strange Animal
    Written by Lawrence Gowan
    Lead Vocals by Lawrence Gowan

    Well they say I should approach you
    With caution
    But not to let you be aware of my fear
    Never know what you'll find
    Don't understand your kind 'round here
    Watching your moves
    They look so radical
    Hearing your words
    They sound fanatical
    Something inside reveals you're magical
    How can I get enough

    You're a strange animal
    That's what I know
    You're a strange animal
    I've got to follow

    They've been trying to stick a time
    In your system
    Analysing the defenses you hold
    Trying to open wide
    Hoping to step inside your soul
    But everything here is unfamiliar
    Nothing they've seen remotely similar
    How can it be you're so peculiar
    How can I get enough

    You're a strange animal
    That's what I know
    You're a strange animal
    I've got to follow

    O Ominous Spiritus!

  • animal

    Interesting writing.... thanks.


  • MrMoe

    First off I would like to say thank for anybody who posted here as support. Second I want to say I am happy I enjoy my life and so far everything for me is falling into line. I have had so many things happen to me that I have no shared with this board, things I have only shared completely with one person. Things of my life that I could not control that go far beyond beign a single mom. That bit of my life is a major blessing, not a hinderance. To bitch about being a single mom is a joke, a laughing point. But when life is one tragic event after another... to say THINK POSITIVE is like blowing smoke up somebody's azz when life is down.

    What made me post this thread was actually my (ex) sister-in-law. She has had it rough her whole life. Beaten from a small age, seeign people murdered, heavy alchohol and drug use by many adults around her, living in slum and filth in the ghetto, mother who is a coke whore and drinks heavily, her life is a mess. She has been beaten, raped, and the emotional abuse she suffers is staggering. She has a heart of gold and was one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever known. And you know what? Yesterday she found my (ex) father in law dying. He shot himself in the face and he lingered on for 20 minutes before he finally died. Imagine the mind of that 15 year old girl now. Her life is one sick twisted event after another.

    Thinking positive huh? Please. Some people are the vivtim of tragedy thier entire lives. To say thinking positive is ASSUMING you think problems are petty mundane things and minimizing pain. Pain on ANY level is pain. Emotional suffering is different for everybody. Anyhow, this thread was intended to see how people's lives were, if many here have things smooth or arer simply put... victims of terrible garbage that never seems to go thier way.

  • BeautifulGarbage
    Do you generally have things made for you, things set and life generally go your way? Or is everything is a battle and a major fight for survival? Just curious.

    I would have to say I'm somewhere in the middle. Maybe leaning to the major fight side just slightly.

    I've had some really devastating things happen in my life. For example: When I was 10, I witnessed my Father being beaten bloody with a lead pipe. I stood hiding, terrified, less than ten feet away.

    I've nearly lost my daughter twice to illness.

    I've also had some wonderful things happen. For example: Meeting and marrying a man that is devoted to me and my children.

    Seeing my daughter kick her first soccer goal.

    Having my son tell me the other morning "Mom, you look Beeeeuuuuuttttiful!"

    Then there's everything in between. I've struggled in many areas in my life. A few mightly. Financially and emotionally. To reveal the details would involve writing a novel. I still have my days when the only thought in my head is "Life Sucks and I hate it!"

    Not sure what I can offer you here, Amanda. I know you have had a lot of crap dumped in your lap in a very short time. Just hang on to your little girl and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


  • MegaDude

    Obviously your ex-sister-in-law's perspective is serving her well. She's been through a ton of hell, and yet you say she has a heart of gold.

  • MrMoe

    BC (and everybody) u are so sweet!!!

    My lfie is GREAT right now, seriously. I have some things I get depressed jsut liek everybody else and all, but I am by no means suffering. This thread is to ask about YOU!

  • MrMoe

    Mega - Yes, ur right, she has a great attitude, but she still gets wickedly depressed. Seeing her stepdad commit suicide YESTERDAY, his face blown off and watch him die is gonna eat her alive. I have been crying off and on for two days missing him, and I haven't seen the man for quite some time. Let alone what she is going through. Happy thoughts are not going to fix her head.

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