Study Watchtower confirms shunning spiritually weak. How nice!

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  • Spiral

    The bOrg sure loves to judge people, don't they?

    Well, you have to have really low self esteem to put up with that treatment - wait, that is what you signed up for when you got baptised!

    This is how I remember being a JW was like, the few "special" people lording it over the rest of us, who were not quite good enough but kept trying.

    I think everyone who is awake has that moment they realize they are better than that and deserve more. I know a lot of PIMO put up with poor treatment because of family, but I do think as time goes on less and less are willing to put up with it, and that is a big part of declining membership.

    The bOrg just doesn't know any other game to play.


    TOMO said that inactive ones will go the same way as opposers...I would say the Org’s sentiments are pretty clear.


  • TheWonderofYou

    A spiritually weak person = looser in the game: one who thinks yet for himself and doesn't everything what Mr Madwick desires. One who needs to feel shame for not being strong and not being a line. One who needs to be exposed publicly in the publication and through rebuke by exposers who only work with him for the purpose to change him, so that he is not a danger for the strong, to whom he is a permanent harm.and warning: never let me be like her/him

    A strong minded : one who gave up own goals and totally agrees, who doesn't allow own goals to mix up with Mr Madwicks goals, nor does she/he allow herself to doubt anymore, nor does she he tolerate weak ones any more,cause being strong is cooler. Always on the platform, pulling, pushing, bullying. The player, the masked one with cynical insight, the Aaarrgghh guy., the awkward one who goes so far and exposes the weak one, proofes the weak one's testimoniaks and judges about her goals, because he has the might. (Org guy)

    Strength is then positive, if it is true strength, true greatness, genuine love.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Increasing the number of reasons to shun and amping up the pressure to do so; possibly to push back against the amount of truth about their truth so easily available on the net. Getting everyone their logic vaccine.

  • minimus

    No big deal. The spiritually weak will continue to do it they always have done. They will hang around with the spiritually weak and so called worldly people

  • LongHairGal


    I am not surprised the JW religion is going in this more extremist direction. They have lost many people and hope to stop or slow down the leak by making the remaining Witnesses more wary of people, both in and out.

    This should make my one remaining friend there even more distant. I accept this and don’t really care at this point.

    It was my experience when I was an active Witness that there was serious judgmentalism going on there as to who people should associate with. As a single working woman I was on the fringes and even considered ‘not spiritual’ by some. Whatever.

    Thankfully, I was not raised a JW and had friends outside. I was wise enough to hold onto my job until retirement. The JW attitudes made it easy to ‘fade’ when the time was right. I’m very glad I did.

  • stuckinarut2


    That study article last weekend has to be one of the most direct and disgusting forms of cult manipulation ever!

    I am sure she will post a separate thread on it soon, but my wife and I had her father directly say that he "has to give careful and prayerful thought to cut association with us" based on coming home from that article!

    I hope he does! After all, he is just a leach on our time and money anyway....

  • sparrowdown

    I figure, by the time the Borg puts out an article such as this one the problem that it highlights is already a problem. The horse has bolted.

    They (WT/GB) figure there are inactive people leading others astray and weakening their loyalty probably blame the inactive for poor meeting attendance rather than their own crappy religion and cold, loveless, boring meetings being the problem.

  • StarryNight9


    I agree with your assessment 100%. A lot of people (usually at least 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th gen born-ins) have gotten smart about avoiding punishment. It's really blatant where I am. The minority uber-JWs are on the social outskirts while the cool double-lifers party (literally) and don't invite anyone into their circle who would tattle. These double-lifers look like uber-JWs to anyone who isn't in their circle. Other born-ins do just enough to maintain all our family and friend connections. All us born-ins know how to talk a very good game (whether you're a cool-JW or a fringe-JW) if we want to...

    Just because our parents fell for some cult-crap, doesn't mean the kids feel the same.

  • nowwhat?

    If they can get the weak ones to leave. They can sell more kingdom halls

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