Counting time calling on inactive ones?

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  • stillin

    Had a couple of witnesses stop by yesterday to say the usual "we miss you, missed you at the meeting, just checking in on you, etc." I've always liked this guy so we spoke for a few minutes. My wife said that they could count their time since I am inactive. Is that correct? And here I thought that they might care a little about me dying soon at Armageddon....

  • jookbeard

    elders can, not sure about the R&F, maybe their has been a change, incredibly patronising though calling on someone just to use them as a "time counter"


    There are obscure "rules" like that ~

    eg A Public Speaker could count the time spent delivering the talk as it was a Public talk ~

    You can always tell them that they are welcome to chat to you but that your don't think they should count the time - the visit will be brief after that .

  • tiki
    tiki count time however they please...crafty ones stretch it in most unique ways. Those fs reports are such a sham its just ridiculous.

  • punkofnice
    stillin - missed you at the meeting

    Ugh! This really annoys me. Why not just leave it as 'we miss you'. They have to make it all culty by adding 'meetings'. It's like they don't really care about anything but bums on seats at the kingdumb hell.

    My wife said that they could count their time since I am inactive. Is that correct?

    Sure, why not? They make it all up anyway.

  • dozy

    Yes - a publisher can count their time according to the Society rules , but they must be completely inactive and effectively "left the truth".

    We had an elderly sister in our congregation who could no longer go to the meetings and one of the pioneers used to call once a week and did the Watchtower with her and have a cup of tea for an hour or so. The old lady used to love the calls as it was pretty much all the company she had ( she had no family close by & the elders & other congregation members never came to visit her. )

    One of the elders got to hear that the pioneer was booking time for the visit and told her she couldn't do that as the sister was still a JW & got to the Memorial once a year and listened in to the meetings on the phone. So the pioneer decided to no longer visit as she couldn't spare the time if she couldn't count it. Sad - but inevitable in such a Pharisaical religion.

  • jookbeard

    we had a daft old cow in our old cong, housebound who used to write these long letters and would give them to my old man to post them throng the doors or give to the householders, they were incredibly long and she must have spent all week writing them, what a waste of time and energy.

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe that explains why my husband - who left WT about 20 or so years go - gets called on by the elders..all of a sudden. They are counting their time. When he first stopped attending literally no one bothered with him - ever. I think he had 2 visits and one of them was just to inform him he had to stand down as a MS.

    Now they have started coming around and leaving magazines for him, too.

    Explains a lot.

  • scratchme1010
    And here I thought that they might care a little about me dying soon at Armageddon....

    That organization has no interest in their people. Remember they let people die over their BS around the use of blood.

  • JakeM2012

    While a witness it is best not to talk about field service time, how you count it, when you start, when you stop, etc. I used to love the brothers who at the end of the morning would look at their watch and announce to all how much time we got. Spend all morning long and get back to the hall at 12:45 and they would say, "it looks like we got an hour and a half".

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