Counting time calling on inactive ones?

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  • EverApostate

    I am sure they count time for inactive ones by R&F. When I faded there were multiple brothers and sisters who tried to rekindle my spirit to serve the cult

    Also a funny and silly thing. When I was in, I was advised to start my FS time by presenting a tract to anyone in my apartment parking lot before I get into the car for FS , so that the FS counter gets running all my way driving to the KH, for around 15 minutes

    Jah has some pretty innovative and effective policies and standards.

  • steve2

    In a world of six billion plus humans and their individual agonies and plight, Jah cares enough about you to know if you exaggerate counting time. He is that kind of God.

  • tresdecu

    I remember this being a thing when I was an MS .

    I always like to point out to my wife that "the friends" ONLY ever stop by with the "We miss you" BS...WHILE they're 'on the clock'

    I ask her "when was the last time one of your old friends, or elder buddy stopped by on there own time, or called"

    granted, I don't want them too...but 99% of the time, they're doing it while out in service. We're an easy stop before or after the 11am starbucks break. LOL

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Pioneers are allowed to count time visiting the inactive. In the 80s they could do so only if they got permission from the elders.

    I got a visit from two sisters in our congregation. First​ time they had ever been at my house and we have been in the same house 18 years. They didn't stay long. I think they just needed the extra half hour for their time sheet.

  • sparrowdown

    I thought they could only count time if they were "assigned" to a specific inactive person by the BOE. Has that changed to all inactive all the time?

    Whenever someone has called on me (always unannounced) they can never just say "I thought of you and decided to call by" they always say something along the lines of "I was passing by..." or "I was in the neighbourhood..." or "I was on my way somewhere else and..." what the heck is that all about?

    It's like just wanting to see me is not a good enough reason to stop by and see me and they certainly don't want to give me the impression they just wanted to see me. Spose they think it might go to my head and I'll start thinking they're my friends or something lol. They're so transparent its laughable.

  • redvip2000

    Well i mean, at least he is talking to someone. Sure he should count that time. Many witnesses stand next to a cart for 5 hours looking at their phone and they count that.

  • freddo

    Sparrowdown wrote: "I thought they could only count time if they were "assigned" to a specific inactive person by the BOE. Has that changed to all inactive all the time?"

    When I was last an elder (2000's) the "rules" were that someone had to be assigned by the service committee to have a bible study with an inactive person.

    So sister "come to the memorial and other occasional rare surfacings, inactive but no hanky panky going on" might be assigned to study with (usually) a pioneer or elders wife.

  • skin

    When we were given FS territory, the brother would first go over the not to calls, and then announce that bro & sis abc lived on that street. most times we would all end up going to there place for a drink and biscuit, that time was recorded as FS time.

  • Done

    Typical FS day in my old hall

    Leave kh parking lot.

    Hit one house at random as close to the kh as possible because "thats how the holy spirit directs us". Start time.

    Pioneer sister #1 - " I need to stop by the bank to get quarters for the laundry mat because they are always out. It will only take a second"

    Stop by bank. Van load of 6 wait in parking lot 15 minutes.

    Leave bank.

    Pioneer MS bro says "i need to swing by the Post Office to mail a couple things. Its all kh stuff and i cant use my personal stamps at home for kh stuff. It will only take a minute."

    Stop by post office. Van load of 6 wait 20 minutes. MS apologized about the line.

    Elder pioneer driving says he forgot a book for the meeting tonight he needs to look over. We'll just swing by his house on the way to the territory.

    30 minute drive to the country territory.

    5 out out the 7 are able to take one door before pioneer sister #2 says she needs to go to the bathroom.

    20 minute drive to nearest store with a nice enough toilet to pee in.

    40 minute drive back towards the kh.

    Everyone gets one door at a random stop on a street in town, because thats how the angles direct our work.

    Morning done.

    Cant count how many times i used to go in service and only knock on 1 door in 3 hours. Used to piss me off. Should have counted the blessings

  • BluesBrother

    My understanding of the rules are the same as Freddo, above. Generally speaking if you are baptized you don't count for field ministry time. That probably explans the lack of interest in me by the dubs. If they could count the time they would be all over me....

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