My wife made a very wordly comment the other night

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  • Clambake

    My wife who is currently on maternity leave made a comment about luck she was to leave in Canada because we get 52 weeks maternity at basically 40,000 per year. She is not originally from Canada coming from a country with basically no maternity leave.

    I told her to make sure she doesn't say anything like that at KH. You know with all goverments in the world being controlled by satan and such.

    She told me I was out of line and they are respectful and pay their taxes and such.

    I asked her if she ever heard anyone in a prayer at the KH say thanks to Jehovah for living in a place like Canada ? I also told her the average JW never reaches an income level where they pay any serious taxes and they will always take much more of the system than they will ever put back in.

    Silence after that. ( the way it usually ends up )

    I thought it was funny

    Does it ever bother you or did it bother you how disrespectful JWs were on this subject ? Pisses me off some fierce.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    The bible tells christians to pray for the ruling secular authorities so that they(the christians) can continue to have a peaceable environment to practice their godly devotion. When was the last time you heard a JW brother praying for the secular authorities? You can ask her something like that.
  • Simon
    Sssshhhhh, don't let the American's hear about paid maternity leave and healthcare ...
  • Finkelstein

    52 weeks maternity thats all ?

    Dam that Satan and his wicked evil forces.

    Man made governments have never helped humanity, they should be not respected or be participated in ,

    So says the lying and deviously corrupt Watchtower Corporation.

  • elderINewton

    As someone who continued to pay into the system more than I will ever get it out it pissed me off everytime, and I was happy to say so and add that we can be grateful so many went to university and higher learning so that those benefits could be paid for.

    For me I'm still shocked how many JW's are on disability but able to pioneer full time. Maybe that is just a Canadian problem, I never saw much of it in my time in Washington state.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I always noticed also the large number of JW's who were unable/willing to work or on disability who could pioneer full time. Pioneer full time and pioneer abroad too, for weeks/months on end.
  • Finkelstein

    Yes, I've known a few JWS who were cheating the system for their own benefit $$$ , then posing how righteous and moral they were pioneering.

    The hypocrisy and corruption of some JWS is disturbing at times.

    If you were a once a capable person who could work but for some various reasons, even for a mental health issue, showed that you couldn't work. There is a disability pension you can apply for and receive from the government here in Canada.

    Approximately $ 700.00 a month there abouts. not much but as for a free hand out, some people can live off of that.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    Say what? You offered a piece of detailed advice to your wife and got silence in return? That is the oddest thing I've ever heard!
  • Clambake

    Americans have no paid maternity leave ?

    Its just unemployment insurance in Canada.

    Man, that's rough

  • RichardHaley
    I'm still shocked how many JW's are on disability but able to pioneer full time
    this ^^^ ... me2

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