The Environmental Cult

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  • cofty
    You simply have to wean off the teat of the angry far right man - PP

    Thank you for illustrating my point.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    why are you taking issue with a young lady wanting to make a statement about something she believes in - because what she says must be questioned and critically analysed. But anyone who does that is immediately labelled a hater because Thunberg is on the autism spectrum. This is wrong.

    We must be allowed to question and discuss such statements. This will be a first step in helping us deal with the problem, if there is one.

    I've not heard anyone suggesting looking to Greta Thunberg for life direction - well, I have. On FaceBook, I follow a page called JOE. They post Greta Thunberg stuff. She gets lots of below the line comments about how she is an example for everyone. Her views are sometimes challenged, but when this happens people get called 'haters', 'gammons', etc.

    Sorry, just because Thunberg is autistic, that doesn't mean she gets to pontificate on serious issues unchallenged.

  • Finkelstein

    Seems there are the extremists from both opposing spectrums.

    I personally think the earth is warming up on its own and we are helping it along, not to are own overall eventual benefit.

    Nevertheless environmental concerns and awareness should always be promoted.

    Why ? Because are own health and welfare are related to the world's environment.

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