Special Pioneer Sister-in-Law and Husband just got their letter.

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  • Splash

    Hopefully the bethelites that have been retained will learn from this and realise that they are likely to be the next group to go.

    They will know more than anyone what effect this layoff is having to the individuals involved. I wonder if any of them have survivor guilt.

    Bethel can't be a nice place to be right now.

  • LongHairGal


    So, the people you mention will fare better than others because they have material assets to fall back on. And, you say, they're happy to get the hell out!! Now, all they need is a job and something tells me that people this prepared are more likely to find employment than others!

    Hopefully, brothers with businesses will help the other people laid off.....But, the thought occurred to me that some brothers with businesses might not be happy about the idea....Imagine that!

    Once the full scope of this unfortunate situation becomes known (and felt) by local congregations, the rank & file Witnesses won't be believing the positive B.S. spin the religion is putting on this. And I don't believe it's all over yet...the religion may let more people go somewhere down the line.

    There is an expression: "Don't piss on people's backs and tell them it is raining."


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