Special Pioneer Sister-in-Law and Husband just got their letter.

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  • cappytan
    Cappy, does she know about that big huge building they just bought near Walkill?

    Yes, she knows. Some of our relatives are involved with the project.

  • _Morpheus
    Lol that made me laugh too cappy! I hope it works out for them... I also hope they realize, if nothing else, the scam that forgiving those loans was....
  • WingCommander

    The most interesting part of this post; how the lay-off is spun to make it out that it's the Rank-n-File's FAULT that the Bethelittes and Special Pioneers are being sent packing, instead of management (Governing Body).

    Incredible, incredible GAL I would say. YHWH provided manna from Heaven to help the Israelites wandering for 40 years in the hot desert, but somehow the current mouthpiece (GB), can't even provide the minimal stipend and insurance for the Special Pioneers (even after the huge money grab & fleecing this year), so ohhhh well, it must be because the rank-n-file are greedy and ungrateful, and aren't donating enough $$$$ ?? Is that about right? Well let me tell you Bethelites and Special Pioneers; F*ck ALL of you, if that's how you feel!!! You all are about to find out what it's like out here in the REAL world when you've been denied an education to get a well-paying job by the very leaders you idolized, and now have to work to make ends meet. Good luck scrounging around trying to find something "extra" to even shove into the contribution box at the KH, you ungrateful fools!

    I can't believe it......I'm stunned, how much do you want to bet, that the unofficial "word" that's been put out by the Governing Body at WT HQ, is that it's the ungrateful R & F's fault that hese layoffs are occurring, and of no fault of the Governing Body due to their own incompetence. These greedy charlatans at the top just can't stoop any lower!!!!

  • freemindfade

    Tell her "chop chop, go get a real job and help pay the mortgages"

  • antes8080
    Have a friend who called me telling me, this is his last week at bethel. And if I could help him find a job. I'm feeling like planting that tatt seed.
  • LisaRose

    That hilarious. The local brothers didn't make the decision to forgive the loan, they were not even given a choice, the fact that it didn't work out is entirely the fault of the Watchtower. They have been playing a shell game, fleecing the bank accounts of the congregations to cover their financial mess and pretending they are doing them a favor to forgive the loans. You can't blame people for thinking the Watchtower had plenty of money and that they could contribute less, since they didn't have a mortgage anymore.

  • freddo

    It is hilarious - "the brothers and sisters aren't donating because the loans were let off" - just wait until she hears the letter to be read out this week with the underlined "very" in saying how very generous the congregations have been!

    So everyone is very generous and yet we've run out of money!

    Ha ha ha ha ha! - Luke 14 v 29 applies.

  • Giordano
    Maybe if they had gotten some higher learning and qualified for a better job or career the rank and file might have been able to give a little more. Sorry Watch Turd this one is on you.
  • Vidiot
    "'Cutbacks', dey sed..."
  • Watchtower-Free

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