Have You Ever Written A Letter To the Society?

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  • minimus

    When I was a kid, I remember my family regularly visiting other friends, including a brother that was the Bible Study Servant. Every week, he would send a different letter to the Society on a variety of subjects. When our families would meet, he would ask us the question and we would do research or give our opinion on what we thought the Society's answer was going to be. Eventually, the Society wised up regarding this brother and told him to knock off the letter writing and go out in service more. ........Have you ever written to the Society or called them regarding a matter?

  • gitasatsangha

    Just my letter severing any theoretical ties I still had to the JWs or the WBTS.

  • NeonMadman

    I wrote several over the years, and I've lately been posting scans of them, along with the responses, to this forum.

    Here's the first, and

    Here's the second.

    More to come; stay tuned.

  • cruzanheart

    Yes, I've written several letters to the Society and always receive a cold form letter in return -- one of them was a short paragraph asking that my HUSBAND write to them about the matter. Haven't heard back from the one about my dad yet. It's nothing but a waste of time to write to them but sometimes it helps with venting feelings.


  • badboy

    I have .

    Interestingly the recent 1 had an article saying Mary was in heaven,Joseph will B on Earth.

  • Elsewhere

    I have sent them a total of three letters. I received a response for two of them. The third was completely ignored.

    In the first two letters I discussed the way my family was shunning me and asked what the difference was between someone who "simply leaves the faith" (not shunned) and someone who "goes out" (or disassociates - shunned). I also asked for scriptural backing for the distinction. The response I got was two very short letters that said that shunning was the personal choice of my family. They never addressed my questions regarding the distinction.

    The last letter I sent was a straight-shot question: What is the difference and what scriptures are used to make the distinction. I never got a response.

  • dsgal

    Yes,I wrote the society to let them know what a stuck-up,back-stabbing,nose-in-the-air,hypocritical,elitist,unloving,unchristian,cliquish,materialistic,congregation the Mesquite Central congregation was.I hope someone from there reads this.If they ever come to my door I'll tell them to their faces.(The society never replied.)

  • TR

    Yes, I sent them a rather scathing DA letter. The letter contained info about every scandal known up until I sent it in '97.


  • sandy


    Isn't that "funny" that it has always been the Society encouraging it's members to shun friends and family that turn their back on them and then when you write them a letter and ask "Why", they put the responsibilty on your family, it's their conscience, their decision. The Society is the one making it's members feel guilty about staying in contact with those who left the org.

    I'm sorry for your pain it must be hard for you. I can only imagine the hurt in your heart. My sisters limit their association with me and that is hard on me. I know if I DA'd myself or was Df'd they would shun me.

  • mouthy

    Yes I wrote about the tennis player Williams??? forgot her name for the minit- asked why she was allowed birthdays ( she mentioned she had one the day before) & why she could run around the track with the flag. I also wrote & asked why- after sending brothers to see if I would like to be reinstated ,& me replying I would ( with conditions) I was not reinstated .Also I wrote & asked them for actual scriptures that SAID>> 1914 was when Jesus came invisably ---- Because they had seen him come invisible many years before that time... Did he come invisibly twice????I did her back on the tennis player- (It was up to her congregation) I wrote to" FREDDY"when he was alive >>>>he didnt answer... Not very nice was it?I am still thinking we should send" thank you "cards to Brown Thanking him for releasing us from Bondage...We can add it may not of been him personally but his henchmen .

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