Jehovahs Witnesses condemn Christian Religions .In reality Christian religions are Caring for Aged JW`s.

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  • Jaidubdub

    Without giving too much away, I have been looking after a wheelchair bound, disabled sick mum for over 10 years WHILE working full time. Anyone who has been a long term carer would understand just how difficult it can be at times. My elder brother lives 5 minutes away but manages a 5-10 minute visit once a month, if that. No other help from him or his ex-pioneer wife who coincidently hasn't been able to pioneer or work since the day they married. I have been forced to seek assistance through another religious organisation which is also partly funded by our governmet to help care for my beautiful mum. The only help mums cong offered is to take her to the meeting on Sunday's. Cause that's a lot more important to them than her ailing health & the regular doctors & specialists appointments she needs - with the occasional hospital stay. We were taught that if we pray to their god (I refuse to use THAT name) he will provide the help needed- how ironic that the help would come from his greatest enemies, an apostate faded jw, false religion & worldly governments.

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