Jehovahs Witnesses condemn Christian Religions .In reality Christian religions are Caring for Aged JW`s.

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  • smiddy

    Who are looking after the aged and infirm Jehovah`s Witnesses ,? its certainly not the Organization known as the WTB&TS ./Jehovahs Witnesses religion .

    And why is that ? Satans system of things with Jehovahs blessing , has programs to look after those who have such needs , such as the Dole for unemployed ,Medical Assistance for those who cant afford it ,and their are many charitable institutions that look after those that fall in the cracks. ( Mainly religious groups) With hospitals and aged care facillities

    Sadly it`s not the WTB&TS /JW`s who are their to fill that gap.

    And how many Jehovah`s Witnesses in good standing are looking and caring after their aged parents in their time of need.? How many do you personally know of ? or are they shunted off into a religious institution that they have condemned all their life.

    I know of a few aged JW`s who are relying on aged care facillities to look after them that are run and financed by Christendoms Religions.

    How many do you know of.?

    Jehovahs Witnesses are parasites on society. They suck all they can out of this world and they give nothing back.

    And they give nothing back to the aged and infirm who have slaved a lifetime to this organization that poses as a religion.

  • pale.emperor

    There's a chain of care homes here in the UK called Jah Jireh. They're notoriously poorly ran and the staff have absolutely no other qualifications other than being JW's. My wife used to work there and they pay minimum wage and work you like a dog.

    It's not ran officially by WT but by filling a gap in the market elderly JW's are pretty much stuck for anywhere else to go.

  • schnell
    Gotta say, I'm completely sick of JWs deflecting criticism onto Catholics all the time.
  • pale.emperor

    Gotta say, I'm completely sick of JWs deflecting criticism onto Catholics all the time.

    I used to do it myself when i was "in". Or the born agains, they were hated even more i think. I think there's jealousy there because the Catholic church is so rich, more members and has a rich history. I dont believe in any religion but you cant just highlight negative aspects of another religion just to move focus away from ones own.


    No charity what so ever from the WTS. You only need your watchtower and awake mags and wait on Jehovah.

    Things not working out? You failed the faith test! That is faith in Gods only channel to spiritual food given by a group of men who belong to a faith less than 150 years old.

    No time for giving food,shelter, money or time to any other causes. Those things are for Satans princely kingdom

  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "...I know of a few aged JWs who are relying on aged care facilities to look after them that are run and financed by Christendom's religions..."

    Now, there's some thump-you-over-the-head irony.

  • Sanchy
    Many JWs also receive medical treatment at hospitals owned and operated by religious institutions.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yup, the JW principle is to deny charity to others but be ever ready to take advantage of what the state or others provide for the needy.

    Especially this includes tax exemptions for the most undeserving charity of all time; the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

    Why else did these hypocrites join the UN if not to defend their claim on tax exemption in certain lands?

    The Watchtower suck the life blood out of their flock and then throw them on the state to look after them in old age. Ruthless unprincipled hypocrites!

  • Vidiot

    I think they think they're "puttin' one over" on Satan's World.

    So, what happens when the Mob finds out a small-timer's been skimming off the top? :smirk:

  • Aroq

    "They suck all they can out of this world and they give nothing back." ---smiddy

    the first thing I thought of when reading this is:

    Isn't that exactly the case when it comes to taking some blood fractions? Who donated that blood they took? Not them.

    Also, it has been the case with my ex and that side of the family. Take, take, take......

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