Young People Ask: I’m Attracted to the Same Sex—Does That Mean I’m Gay?

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  • Rainbow_Troll
    The fact is, millions of heterosexuals who wish to conform to the Bible’s standards employ self-control despite any temptations they might face. Those with homosexual inclinations can do the same if they truly want to please God

    I agree.

    Gays should exercise self-control like everyone else and wait until they get married.

  • schnell

    Forced celibacy is fucking cruel.


    1) I don't like labels, like "gay."

    2) The WTBTS creates the idea of a "choice" between "good" and "bad."

    3) Anyone who tries to convince you that they are "dignifying" you, by "allowing" you to make a decision that they approve, is an abuser. That means you're in an abusive relationship, and you should get out.


  • Vidiot
    "Young People Ask: I’m Attracted to the Same Sex - Does That Mean I’m Gay?"


    Gloriously, flamboyantly, flamingly gay!!!

  • WTWizard

    And so what? So what if you happen to be gay or bisexual? What I find a big problem with is when they try to make someone that is gay into "straight", usually by setting them up with an opposite sex spouse that is totally incompatible with them. They might be totally unattracted to the person picked out for them, resulting in a bad marriage.

    And yes, it might be a passing phase or a negative spell on them. Someone that is naturally straight could fall into a spell that could artificially make them gay--and, when that spell is broken, they will be straight. Usually, however, it is neither. Someone can be part-gay and could fall into what appears to be a phase when in fact they are bisexual. I see nothing wrong with that--better they be in a gay relationship they are compatible with, and fits their nature, than in a "straight" relationship they are not suited for and does not fit them.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    Some straight boys do go through a phase of homosexuality but this is usually only happens when they are denied access to girls due to stupid religious rules or because they live in worlds created by pervy fanfiction authors.

  • pbrow

    Talk to almost any gay person who had to go through growing up gay. Almost to a person they are near the view that they would not have chosen to go through what they were forced to by the viewpoint of good christians.

    Having my high school age children talking about their friend william, dating deshawn now makes me feel a) incredibly proud of my kids, b) happy that it is much easier for these kids to grow up normal and c) acutely aware of the negative way I thought about gay people while still in the church.


  • Vidiot
    pbrow - "Having my high school age children talking about their friend william dating deshawn now makes me feel ... acutely aware of the negative way I thought about gay people while still in the church."

    Sounds to me like you're making up for it.

  • Spoletta

    Young people in my area seem to have a very accepting attitude that gives me hope.

    When I was in high school a million years ago, the only known homosexual was a fellow who was a national baton twirling champion. Now of course, I know that there were many others that we didn't realize were among us. How sad that they had to hide back then.

  • DJS

    A 2009 study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy found that 80% of teen evangelicals had sex before marriage, which wasn't much lower the the 88% overall who had sex before marriage.

    Apparently WWJD isn't keeping Megan and Jared from getting horizontal. Or Megan and Kristen or Jared and Jacob.

    Moralizing that millions maintain their chastity ignores the fact that what consenting adults do is none of anyone's business and the vast majority will do what comes naturally. With or without Daddy's Lil Monster looking over their shoulders.

    So if gays exercise self control like everyone else then they are having the times of their lives.

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