John Ceder used my satire about annual meeting for real

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  • skin

    Well said Magnum....

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Cedars made a mistake and so did John Redwood. They both acknowledge their mistake and doing what it takes to fix it. I applaud that. There are plenty of news paper that don't go that distance unless forced by court. As for JWs? They will settle out of court in order NOT to apologies.

    Well done Cedars and John! Keep up the hard work. You are doing what many of us can only dream about.

  • jp1692

    Jules: I also took Gorby’s thread seriously when he first posted it because he also didn’t initiatally say that it was a satire.

    Sure, but real journalists do a little thing called "fact-checking" before they go to press!

    Even still they can get things wrong. But to run with something posted anonymously on an ex-JW website without double checking and verifying is simply not prudent.

  • jp1692

    Gorby posted that it was satire in the fourth post on his original thread!

  • _Morpheus

    So, magnum, theres no ground between total understanding and justification and “lynching”? Come on man.

    The so called apology was full of weasel phrases and basically said “hey im always double checking and in always right... just this one time someone i trusted screwed me”. Never his fault. Ever. Hes a douche and this is just another in a long line of douche moves. He looks like an ass. The post was CLEARLY satire and he was so quick to believe because he wanted to get it out and be “first” and take credit. It was an asshat move designed to steal thunder and make himself look ‘tied in’ and ‘in the know’ before someone else could do it... he got burned for it and looks like the fucking asshole he is. Hahahahahahahahahahahavahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    i only wish i could mock him more

  • jp1692

    I for one really appreciate John Redwood's candor in admitting his mistake and explaining why and how it happened.

    John Redwood: This is a lesson learned, and rest assured we would never accept such information for a JW Survey article without obtaining confirmation from multiple sources ... is our practice.

    Absolutely, using multiple sources to confirm information is important practice which all of us should follow. The more important the information and/or its consequences, the more important it is that we properly source it.

    The problem here was that they relied on a single source which they believed to be reliable and so they got suckered.

    John Redwood: Unfortunately, all of the information we received came to us within 24 hours or less of taping the Watchtower in Focus program, and we had little time to investigate that specific portion of detail related to the annual meeting.

    Many journalists -- and regular people too -- have fallen into the trap of being in a rush to judgment and a bigger rush to publish. It's just asking for trouble.

    But, hey: it happens!

  • _Morpheus

    So, since some object to being identified as morons and/or idiots for not identifying satire, lets hold a brief class and see if we can prevent fiture outbreaks of stupid...

    opening prayer and welcome br Ciranco

    plausible and reasonable. BUT WARNING!!!! Satire often begins in a reasonable manner. Its designed to introduce the subject normally and releax you...

    Babylon the great has fallen - how? Br Robert Wallen

    another plausable tittle, see my warning above.

    King of the North: why Russia? Br Splane

    ahhh ok... automatic red flag should go up. The branch would never give away the hook of a talk (identifying the king of the north) in the tittle.

    Song 118

    Circuit elder: a new arangement Br David Schafer

    really? Do i have to explaine why this is obvious satire? Is anyone stupid enough to believe they would replace co’s and call them “circuit elders”? Aside from the fact that this has been used a hundred times on this site its also stupid and would never be used.

    The Paradise earth: why invissable Br Cook

    come on man? THIS wasnt the give away? Really? Dumbasses. All of you who didnt get it at this exact point are dumbasses. Cedars is 100000% dumbass for not clearly seeing this for what it is at this point. If you dont see the satire the internet is no place for you. Log off and never come back

    A new corporation for Jehovah's name Br Losch

    again... really? Seriously, you dont understand the obvious satire here????

    Why further reduction is necesary Br Herd

    again... really????? Do i have to explain???? Only a bumbling, drooling idot would think the branch would call a talk “futher reduction is necessary”. They dont admit to ANY reduction let alone “more”.

    Centralisation of Branch offices Be Lett

    why are you still reading? Honestly? How stupid are you?

    Obey the King and his helpers Br Morris III

    come on... the king and his helpers? They are “co-rulers” and “faithful slave” not “helpers”. “Helpers” are what they call their underlings. They are not underlings.


    i hope this has helped the humor challenged and the idiots (like john cedars) who, apparently, need to be reminded to breath least they turn blue and expire, depriving the world of their ablity to provide the necessary co2 to support health plant life.

  • cofty

    Never ends does it Morph?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Morph needs to pick some wallflowers. ;)
  • _Morpheus

    Are you volunteering 😏?

    And no cofty, it dosent. My charitable education work is, however, supported entirely by voluntary donations. If you would like to donate i will gladly accept however the education is provided free of charge.

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