If The Mueller Report Doesn’t Prove Trump Colluded With The Russians They Will Still Claim Trump Is Guilty!

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  • LV101

    Clintons and Obamas - WOW!

  • sir82

    And the point is there is zero proof that Trump directed his team to have Russia help him in his campaign.


    No one knows until the report is released.

  • minimus

    Ok sir. Lol

  • minimus

    The leakers would have that out along time ago.

  • truth_b_known

    What sealed the deal for me on this was the pointless indictments of Russian private citizens for attempting to sway the outcome of the Presidential election. The US has not extradition treaty with Russia. So DOJ knew it was all for stage theater. That was until one of the Russian troll farms retained legal counsel, showed up in court with a Defendant's Response, and demanded discovery.

    The moment that happened the Defendant immediately had a right to discovery. What did DOJ turn over as discovery to the Defendant - nothing! DOJ told the court they believed they didn't have to turn over anything because the Defendant was never served a copy of the suit.

    That's when I knew this whole this is as it appears - a witch hunt.

    The Russians have been meddling in US elections since the end of World War II. The evidence shows that the Russians involved spread misinformation about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The desired result was not one or the other winning the election, but rather dividing the American people. Mission accomplished.

  • Moster

    Interesting take truth_be_known

  • sparky1

    We meddle in their elections, they meddle in our elections. Nothing new here.

  • TerryWalstrom

    If a Special Prosecutor comes after you with an unlimited budget but can't get you--what other reason would there be for not getting you?
    The resources the Feds have in order to sniff out some sort of "crime" is almost infinite.
    To fail is almost breath-taking.

  • Simon

    Trying to influence an election is not a crime. If it were then Obama tried to influence the UK election as well as others.

    All that matters is interference with the election process. Unless there is tampering with the election, influence is just that - no different to Trudeau saying he'd like a leftist administration instead of Trump. Every country tries to influence other countries to their advantage.

    If influence is a crime then Facebook, Twitter, Google et al need to go in the dock as well - there should be laws similar to newspaper ownership which was meant to restrict undue influence.

  • minimus

    Truth, you are spot on. Truth or dare !

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