I got to give a speech at the University of Louisville today about JWs and Propaganda

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  • jp1692


    Understood. Last year the annual conference was in Philly. They move around from year-to-year.

    Sometimes there are workshops that are more geographically desirable.

    Get on their mailing list (if you aren't already) and something will come up.


  • dubstepped

    Yeah, I would have been able to make Philly. This year is in the UK and next is Montreal.

    I'm sure they do more than have conferences. I just haven't looked into it all yet.

  • jp1692

    I've been to two ICSA workshops in Los Angeles and one international conference in Bordeaux, France. They were all very worth it!

    I highly recommend it.

  • smiddy3

    dubstepped thank you for sharing this.I hope you and your wife can get the opportunity to do more such presentations like this at other schools of learning ,well done .

    On a lighter side: At a TMS you would have got a G for presentation and delivery but I`m sorry to say your wife would have got a W for appearance simply because she wore slacks ,and then would have been taken into the backroom for a dressing down from the Elders.

    Apart from that I loved it


  • dubstepped

    Lol Smiddy. Well, I wasn't wearing a jacket, so I may have been counseled on personal appearance as well, but nothing like a woman wearing pants.

  • dubstepped

    Just in case anyone watched the presentation and was interested in what questions the students may have, here is a video we made to answer the first batch of questions that came our way. I'm pretty sure that the professor has more, but for now:


  • Queequeg


    There are a lot of similarities between your story and the Queequegs.

    We especially relate to the idea of better quality friendships. Holy smeg it's nice to have real friends!

    Anyway, well done... again.

  • dubstepped

    Thanks QQ. It sure is nice to have friends. :)

  • Onager

    Watching now. What a brilliant thing to do!

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