JW sign is the sacred cow being idolized by the JWs

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  • peacefulpete
    Did a similar culture exist around the old Watchtower symbol? Did JWs have that symbol on ties, jewelry, bible covers, etc?

    Per Terry:

    The Cross and Crown pins were first advertised in the Sept. 1, 1906 Watch Tower

    The Dec. 15, 1909 and subsequent ZWTs through the years give the following description of the "Cross and Crown Pins":

    "Gold, beautiful, good and cheap. The cross is red enamel, the wreath in green--$1.35. The same without the green on wreath, $1.25. In silver enameled wreath and cross, 25 cents; size 3/4 inch. Plain gold without enamel, 1/2 inch, $1.15. These are wholesale rates and include postage." (Adjusted for inflation: $25)

    November 1, 1927 issue of the Watch Tower. On page 335 there is a price list for the cross-and-crown jewelry sold by the Society.

    The 5/8 inch cross-and-crown pin was $1.50. The 1/2 inch version was a real bargain at only $1.25. Cross-and-crown pendants, with and without chains, were also listed for sale.

    Such was the practice until 1931.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    That jworg logo is their idol

  • GrreatTeacher

    Back in the eighties, there was a brief period where JWs would put the tetragrammaton on the back of their cars.

    There were a few businesses around the Baltimore region where brothers put pinstriping on new cars.

    They got fancy with the decals and created the four Hebrew letters for yahweh and it became quite a fad to stick them on the back of vehicles as like a secret signal to other Witnesses.

    Actually everybody else probably just assumed they were advertising some Jewish day school.

    It was shut down fairly quickly but I remember driving to the district convention one summer and waving to the other JWs who had this decal on the back of their vehicle.

  • NotFormer
  • Vidiot

    They’re not idolizing the logo.

    They’re idolizing the Org itself.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Meh, slippery slope to idolizing the symbol.

    Like blood is the symbol of life, but they'll prioritize the symbol over life itself.


    I mean, yeah, they definitely idolize the Organization, but it seems like they've actually gone a step further and are idolizing the symbol now.

    Sure, they can make fun of Christians for wearing a cross or crucifix necklace, but you can go online and get your JWBorg lapel pin now too.

  • Vidiot
  • GrreatTeacher

    Wait, that looks like a granite paperweight.

    Take one of those granite countertop sample pieces, stamp JWBorg on it and sell it for, what, maybe $34.99?

    A viable business opportunity? 😜

  • NotFormer

    I want to see Landru elected to the GB! 🖖👽🧑‍🚀

  • Vidiot

    @ GrreatTeacher


    You know damn well it’s a Borg cube from Star Trek.


    EDIT: Even my wife LOLed at that, and she’s, like, the toughest audience I’ve ever known.

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