Post A Message To The Troops

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  • dubla

    t h-

    i finally found the letter you were have been begging someone to respond to after digging through your post history (thanks for not just giving me the link btw). upon reading it, im not sure what you think is so significant about it? what is so hard for anyone to respond to? heres an excerpt:

    Perhaps we can pull this off, but here's a far worse scenario that's at least as likely. Within hours of our attack, Saddam launches Scuds on Israel. Israel's right-wing government launches a full-scale attack on Iraq, creating a holy war nightmare. Saddam, threatened with his own survival, uses chemical and biological weapons and human shields just as he has in the past.

    looks like his worse case scenario isnt even going to come close to materializing. again, what was the big deal about this letter anyhow?


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