Warwick, What is it good for?

by freemindfade 42 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • freemindfade

    absolutely nothing...

    Has anyone dared ask what they need this place for? Think about a few things.

    In bethels hay day, there was a shit ton of literature being printed, they even need a giant factory with elevators a truck could fit in. Things have changed,

    • printing has decreased
    • its outsourced to other places

    It would seem to me, the physical need for 1. bethelites, and 2. facilities to maintain them, is gone. Digital media is taking over. So why in the f-ck do they need the Warwick (watchtower vatican) for? To spend so much volunteer work, so much money, so much headache, so much MONEY. for what? A GB playground? Having lived around the big three, especially brooklyn, i can tell you what the hell do you need all that for now? Things are not the same. Who is going to occupy this giant compound? Is it going to be like many say just a mecca where JW's from bumblescum america travel to to worship the GB? To be shown "look how clean we keep this place! so... Jehovah."Yay!

    What is it for? Bethel used to be a factory, it required a lot of hands, now, it needs a tv studio and offices for lawyers. So many I know have gone to work on the project and they are so inspired, FOOLS! do you even know what its purpose is?? and is all that needed for whatever that purpose is??

    Lurkers, you believe in Jesus, he had nowhere to lay his head, the real starts of the new testament were traveling around living on nothing, they didn't have a compound.

    Warwick... what is good for?

  • OnTheWayOut
    What the heck are they doing at Patterson? Why couldn't the GB move there?
  • LV101

    I hope Zalkin and other lawyers are aware of all the moolah being wasted on Warwick.

    Victims deserve it all!

  • freemindfade


    patterson was beautiful, and if its suppose to be a place for education etc, that's what Patterson was! It would have been way easier to put this where the farm was or something. it seems unnecessary.

    Warwick may be the failed ambition that kills them. The way Las Vegas killed bugsey seigel

  • freemindfade

    I have wondered if their money begging and these recent shenanigans are a legal perception move they are having money trouble for that very reason.

  • wifibandit
    What the heck are they doing at Patterson? Why couldn't the GB move there?

    I hear they WILL. That is where they will be after they leave Brooklyn, before Warwick is ready.
  • sir82

    I think I read somewhere that they are putting in a big video production dept. for creating & editing video productions. So that's part of it.

    They'll need office space for the service dept., writing dept., etc.

    Other than that, well, you got me. My impression is that it is a sort of vanity project for the GB, a way to reward themselves & their most loyal sycophants with a (relatively) luxurious, easy lifestyle.

  • freemindfade
    Vanity project is a good description.
  • out4good4

    What is it for indeed....

    It is easy for JW's to point the finger at "babylon the great" and talk of their need for rich palaces, planes and excess, but they miss the whole point when Walkill, Patterson, or Warwick is brought up.

    My brother-in-law once took a pilgrimage up to one of those places with a busload of JWs. He was belly-aching about the whole trip as every commercial movie they attempted to play some JW with a weak conscious pointed out something in the movies that might have been a cause for stumbling and forced their opinions on everyone in the group.

    My wife knows to not even ask me to travel with a group of her JW friends anywhere.

  • cappytan
    I hear they WILL. That is where they will be after they leave Brooklyn, before Warwick is ready.

    THAT'S probably a big reason for the personnel downsizing.

    No room for them! There would have been plenty of room if Warwick was completed on time.

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