Warwick, What is it good for?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I believe the sole purpose of Warwick was to allow them to dispose of all the high-price real estate in Brooklyn.There was just too damn much cash tied up in those old buildings in NYC. Plus, after 9/11 I suspect the WT Heavies saw NYC as a risk to future attacks. (The do believe the End of the World is near.) Additionally, those buildings were 100 years old and had to be a nightmare in repair and maintenance costs.

    But again, I really suspect that the bigger strategy is to have Warwick titled in a new Corporation that will not be liable for any awards resulting from future litigation. Eventually, their plan could be to sell Wallkill &/or Patterson to shed those assets from the old WTBTSofNY or WTBTSofPA. I believe the PA Corp was excused from the Conti lawsuit and the NY Corp was held liable. One of the up-state NY properties was offered in lieu of a bond (but the Court refused that offer). Perhaps someone could find out how the new Warwick property is titled?

    Mere speculation but perhaps the buyers of the Brooklyn real estate can option out of the deal if the property is not completely vacated by said takeover date?


  • millie210

    Great thread title!

    Now you have me singing Edwin Starrs song "War"

    War(wick), huh, yeah
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing, say it again...

  • freemindfade

    Even with the downsize, its hard to understand what they need to fill all the space in warwick, It looks quite massive and you still have the other crown jewels, Wallkill and Patterson.

    Maybe they plan on the wackos in their home congregation to follow them out to Warwick?

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    He was belly-aching about the whole trip as every commercial movie they attempted to play some JW with a weak conscious pointed out something in the movies that might have been a cause for stumbling and forced their opinions on everyone in the group.

    Ha Ha, never go on a trip with a bunch of witnesses especially pioneers

  • elderINewton

    [email protected], after all this time, I am now reminded of why during the Conti case the WT was acting so funky around the bond costs and wanting to use real estate. At the time, and I bond stuff all the time, I was thinking that's a shit load of work to use real estate instead of 50k for a bond, and now the answers are finally coming, money f'n crunch. Only in this tread I see the damn "new light."

    I get the feeling that some scriptures from the OT are going to be used to require our own Mecca experience to bethel to cover the use of this new facility. Its over the top for its needs.

  • millie210

    Well for one thing, they need a state of the art nursing home for not just the GB but all those old timers that are high up helpers and Corporate.

    This would include living quarters, dental facilities, PT department (physical therapy) eye clinic and a small surgical suite for minor surgeries (skin cancer removals etc) and other more practical daily life services such as laundry, barber shop, cafeteria.

    Then there is the bunker aspect. This is the underground ventilated state of the art war room where they will cower while they wait to be raptured.

    In addition to all of the above (its real purpose) there is its stated purpose and they need the requisite housing and offices for the legitimization of those aspects also.

  • Crazyguy
    I hope Warwick turns into a massive money pit.
  • freemindfade

    The contamination issues are interesting too

    They spoke of suing International Nickel who allegedly contaminated the site decades ago, also the site was owned by two others (between International Nickel leaving and Watchtower purchasing). Obviously the suit has to do with Watchtower wanting money for the cleanup... but what if they are using volunteers to do DEC clean up? There is something strange going on with the contamination thing I feel.

  • Magnum

    See this thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/120590001/patterson-vs-walkill-vs-warwick.

    Take note of especially Billy the Ex's post on page 3; provides a lot of insight

  • Warwickslave

    It only had one building for offices. They are going to have bigger bible museum. But not much more. In the plans I saw I didn't see a laundry. I got look at the pictures.

    You hear crazy comments like: one the reasons they are building Warwick is that during 9/11 people try to in the Brooklyn properties. When Armageddon hits they don't want be in the city. People would attack betel.

    Like I said locals are on the lake every day I'm sure if the chemicals was a big issue the neighbors and IBM would be making a big deal.

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