Do You Take Any Special Vitamins or Meds That You Would Recommend?

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  • blondie

    I finally realized that just as important or more so is the mental attitude or thinking we have and are developing. Living in and around the WTS organization would give anybody bad mental health and then conversely bad physical health. So I pursue being sound in mind, heart and body. It takes time to get out all that toxin that the WTS put in our minds.

  • WingCommander

    A brand-name multi-vitamin such as Centrum, Nature Made, One-A-Day

    Triple Omega capsule


    St. John's Wert

    Vitamin C gummy

    Greek Yogurt

    Organic fruits and veggies

    Farm-raised, pasture-fed, locally butchered meats. Lean cuts.

    Only wild caught fish and shrimp

    No fast food

    Nothing out of a deep fryer

    Little to no pork

    No junk food

    Gallon of water per day.

    I also train 5 days a week.

    The results? I went from 292 lbs age 31, to 175 lbs shredded by age 35.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you about salt and how it’s in everything!

    While I would not recommend what I do to anybody (I have a special need) I have a ton of supplements but don’t take them all everyday. I alternate with some and may take them a few times a week. Daily: I usually take digestive enzymes and probiotics; magnesium (powder drink) with a straw so it doesn’t harm my tooth enamel; several eye vitamins; joint supplements including alfalfa (but I might skip a day); CoQ10 but may skip a day; a daily vite every other day; maybe twice a week cod liver oil; selenium several times a week, etc.

    If I travel I give myself a break and just bring daily vites and digestive enzymes.

    There are other supplements I have if I have a specific problem or if I’m coming down with a cold: D-mannose and cranberry for the bladder and olive leaf for infections. I have also done other periodic cleanses with herbs and other things for the liver (dandelion, etc.) and those foot pads that detox through your lymph system. There is a lot of info on the internet.

    I also take a daily low dose aspirin.

    I know people who take and do nothing. To each his own.

  • Simon
    Not to put a dampner on the health foods / vitamins trend ,however I know of two women who were religious in there eating healthy and taking vitamins lots ,that died at a young age .

    Bill Maher did a segment on that - many authors of health-fad books died at young ages so the "product" didn't really work.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you about these food fads and I’m glad I was never able to stick to any diet. I don’t have much self control about food other than limiting portions. I eat what I like in moderation.

    That also goes for juicing and shakes. I would quickly tire of that and could only do it in the summer.

  • minimus

    I’ve been taking l’arginine for about a year and my blood pressure went down considererably. I never took supplements or vitamins except I’ve tried different thingsthe last couple of years and definitely notice a positive impact.

  • Tiana
  • Tiana
  • DesirousOfChange

    Special Meds?

    Does Cialis count?

  • minimus

    Doc 🥀

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