Do You Take Any Special Vitamins or Meds That You Would Recommend?

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  • minimus

    Broke back, you went from never taking vitamins to taking magic mushrooms. Lol

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I've become salt intolerant over the years, BP shoots right up. Eliminated chips, salty peanuts and dressings. Use non slated everything, really helps. Have one if not two salads a day with chicken or tuna and cut way down on red meat, maybe one steak diner a week at most now. Water, drink at least a litre and a half a day, probably two or more on a good day. Sugar as well, cut down quite a bit on deserts but is way less harmful for me than salt is. No more alcohol drink near bear instead. Coffee one or two max a day, half sugar. One meal replacement per day on average for breakfast, Vega One all in one is best for me I find, Isagenix shakes are more fattening. Have that with a banana. As for mulit-vitamin I take the Isagenix AM/PM packs, very expensive and am actively looking for something as good at lesser price. Works for me as I was in very rough shape at 215 after getting out of the JW treadmill, claimed my life back. Long term damage to me was the high BP that the "best life ever" engendered.

    Oh and lots of mountain and fat biking combined with free weights and stretching. Doing ok for my 55 years, 5'9" 185 looking for 175-180 this summer.

    Hope this helps

  • minimus

    Yes! Salt is a killer and it’s in most everything. I never put salt on anything.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Been doing it for many years seems to work for me, and salt is a big no no.

  • recluse

    no vitamins, but lots of cannabis oil. its relaxing, and allows me to sleep which has been a problem ive had for years. lack of sleep brings all kinds of health problems. i eat fish once or twice a week, an occasional egg, and red meat maybe twice a month. mainly nuts, fruits, and vegetables. oatmeal for breakfast

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    We follow a Whole food plant base diet and we stay away pop, fast food and process food as much as possible. This mind set has help me get off 2 meds and lose 40 lbs. Vitamins for the most part are a waste of money where you pee down the drain. Thats what we do. I have never felt so good in my life. My A1C numbers went from a 7.3 to a 6. I am hoping to get off my other meds soon. Love your weeds. Still Totally ADD

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I'd like to try CBD oils for sleep as well. Any recommendations ?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    As far as vitamins, I take a multivitamin and a vitamin called "Weider Prime Testosterone Support for Men". I can't tell if the Multivitamin does anything but I know the latter does for sure. It's a bit spendy even at Costco but it's worth it.

    I know this won't sound like anything most people would like but I eat steel cut oats every morning with raisins, walnuts and a little flax seed sprinkled in and non fat milk poured over it. I don't add any sugar because the raisins make it sweet.

    The thing is, I want to watch my cholesterol but I also need protein in the morning so for the past 7 months or so I've been adding egg whites (pasteurized, from a carton) to the oatmeal once I've added the milk raisins and nuts etc.

    In the past, the thought of eating raw egg whites would have made me queasy but they are virtually undetectable in any way and a bowl full of this oatmeal mixture keeps me going all morning even after going to the gym and I don't get the unexplainable mid morning fatigue I used to get.

    I also add the egg whites to Kombucha and drink that once or twice a day if I feel like it.

    The other odd thing I do is eat a handful of raw baby spinach and a few chunks of cooked chicken throughout the day and it keeps me from getting hungry. It's quick easy and inexpensive and it keeps me from snacking on things I'd regret. I'm 5'11, weigh 178 and have a 32" waist so I think what I've been doing, works.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Brokeback Watchtower:

    Also I consume a shit load of THC, CBD, on a regular basis.

    I'll drink to the effectiveness of that! Four to six beers each day to keep the kidneys functioning at top capability. I remember as a youth that a Quart of Beer each day was often prescribed by physicians back then for that purpose.

  • smiddy3

    Simon i think you could replace one of those meat diets with Subway ,but I got a laugh anyway.

    Not to put a dampner on the health foods / vitamins trend ,however I know of two women who were religious in there eating healthy and taking vitamins lots ,that died at a young age .

    One in particular while in hospital dying responded to another young person who said to her "when I get out of here I will eat nothing but healthy foods"

    "My friend replied don`t even bother ,I`ve been doing it all my life and where has it got me "

    Vale Anita .

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