What makes WT think they can reassign Bethel volunteers to be Regular Pioneers.

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  • _Morpheus
    Indeed it is. One of the many reasons i left. I saw how disloyal and pointless it was even back then. Going to bethel has laid the foundation of many an apostate
  • flunkiejimmy
    I heard you could drop off unwanted Bethel workers at any police station or Firestation no questions asked.
  • pepperheart
    If you have spent the last 10 15 or 20 years saying yes sir it gets very hard saying no
  • Quarterback
    Being sent off as Reg Pion's is really a good one. It gives the impression to those on the outside, that these guys need financial help. The cong's are already told to help out pion's, feed them, find them work, shelter, encouragment etc. Don't forget the WWW. It's a lot more dignified than being classified as a Layed off Bethel worker.
  • Quarterback
    They won't qualify for Unemployment Ins, but Welfare will help them
  • Poztate

    This is what they signed up for when they went to Bethel. A contract indeed

    1. While a member of the Order, to live the simple, non materialistic life-style that has traditionally existed for members of the Order;

    2. In the spirit of the inspired words of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 6:8) and the prophetic expression of the psalmist (Psalm 110:3), to volunteer my services to do whatever is assigned to me in the advancement of Kingdom interests wherever I am assigned by the Order;

    They have now been reassigned to be pioneers and special pioneers. I imagine a lot of them didn't see this coming

  • Vidiot

    Zoos - "What makes WT think they can reassign Bethel volunteers to be Regular Pioneers?"

    Same thing that makes them think they can do whatever the f**k else they want...

    ...they're "God's Earthly Organization".

  • blondie

    I can say that I'm sure that Bethelites come back and are strongly encouraged to continue their full-time service but forced to, I find that is not possible. Once Bethelites leave Bethel they are no longer part of the Order which is just a tax dodge the WTS uses. I have observed that Bethelites return disillused about the WTS and was influenced the same way when I was a volunteer worker off site.

    I am sure that it easier to get financial support from family and friends if they at least start out as regular pioneers and then drop out.

  • hoser
    I won't help out anyone who has criticized/bullied me in the past for working full time and not pioneering. It's your turn to "trust in Jehovah " suckers.
  • Vidiot

    It's Sunday morning!

    Why aren't you getting ready for the meeting, hoser???!!!


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