What a gas!!

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  • xjw_b12

    Just to expand on what Rayzorblade mentioned.

    $0.85 per litre Can.

    x .6689 Current Exchange rate as per RBC = $0.57 US

    x 3.8 litres per US gallon = $2.17 US.....or $ 3.24 per gallon CAN

    So there ! We Win.......

    Only consolation I guess is that a month ago it took 159 Can $ to buy 100 US $, now it only takes 149 Can $. Pretty soon our dollar will be worth more than yours.

  • JLOB


    I live in Texas and today I paid $1.72 a gallon for Super and filled my large American car up. I drive 70 miles round trip to and from my office office everyday not to mention the miles I drive on business during the week.

  • blackout

    Well here in Aust. we are paying $1.04 per litre,

    Our dollar is at about 60c US so thats 1.04 X .6043 US exchange rate=$0.63US

    x 3.8ltrse per gallon= $2.39per gallon US or $3.95per gallon AU

    Is that right?

    my maths is a bit rusty.



    I live in FL. The gas prices vary but the cheapest you can find it is $1.79. I'm sick of these high gas prices!!!

  • LB

    According to http://www.gaspricewatch.com/ the highest price in the USA is in Sacramento CA at 2.84 a gallon and the cheapest is in Georgia at 1.34.

  • Princess

    I paid $1.75 at Costco last week for regular unleaded. I don't pay much attention to Super prices but I know they are teetering around $2 a gallon.

    Thanks for the info LB! Steve has been considering buying a Land Cruiser in Sacramento, I'll make sure the guy gives it to him "full" if he buys it!

  • LB

    Still after that landcruiser. Well let Steve know that we're about half way home I think and our home is open to him on the drive back. If he gets this one.

    Maybe I'll get him to sneak in a dive????

  • Princess

    He was hoping you'd say that. It's kind of a long shot, but a nice cruiser that we'd love to have. Just some tough negotiating going on.

  • TresHappy

    Gas prices definitely vary here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I paid $1.59 the other night, but other places it's a few cents cheaper, more in other places. I think here it depends on which intersection you're located.

  • RubyTuesday

    Here are the todays prices in my area:

    Regular- Arm

    Plus -Leg

    Premium- First Born

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