I went to the Assembly....

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  • sf

    Hi teeny,

    Very significant dream I'd say. Much to be examined there.

    As is the dream I had a few weeks ago that included TED JARACZ and DONALD RUMSFELD. I recall the entire dream; total recall. You seem to dream in lucid fashion, as I do. You are able to lock in at the time that it is a dream, and go with it. Log all you can from the dream, as your dream progresses. I'm just surprised he didn't have a sheeps coat on or had the head of a sheep. The fact that he was 'tempting to look at', says much. It is what lured my mother in all those years ago. The men, in sheeps clothing.

    If you'd like me to text the dream out about Ted and Rummy, I'd be glad to. However, it is quite disturbing. Yet, it might yield 'benefits' to some and clues to others. I may post it up as a thread.

    Also, before the (supposed) 'U-TURN' on the blood policy (twisted doctrine), I had a truly dynamic and significant dream that was very startling. It's here, in the seach archives, in my posting history, if you are so inclined.

    Thanks for sharing your subconscience. I believe it speaks in volumes.


  • teenyuck

    sf, I would like to hear about your dream.

    I have not had such a weird dream in years. I dream all the time, remember them, know when I am dreaming and can usually wake up just feeling weird that I have such vivid dreams. My husband is always in my dreams and he is the handsome one who helps me.

    This dream was going in slow motion in some areas, other areas were very fast and overall, I am just freaked out that a handsome man (brother) was able to persuade me to go to an assembly! And I knew it and did not fight it.

  • sf

    Okay, I will. Soon. In a new thread. As the recall is total, so will the details be.


  • DazedAndConfused

    It is very interesting that you state that everything (almost) was perfect about this brother who came to your door. The one thing that made him not "perfect" in his facade was him encouraging you to lie to your husband about his purpose in being in your home.

    You mention that everything about this brother was "perfect" in every way, from his physique to his book bag. You also mention how you, on a sexual level, were "taken" by him. You mentioned that you even brought in your mother to go with you.

    It sounds to me like this is an all-encompassing thing. What I see here is your subconscious telling you that things are not always as they appear. By your dreaming this on a sexual level could be attributed to hormones, but I feel that it is more than that. I feel that by dreaming this on a sexual level made it very personal to you. Possibly even a life-altering thing for you. After all, what is more personal than letting go in a sexual manner?

    I feel that by you dreaming that you brought your mother means that you had some trepidations and needed a level head with you to help you sort out your feelings.

    There is a saying "Wolves in sheep's clothing". I think your dream was telling you exactly that!

  • undercover

    You're Freudian slip is showing.

  • teenyuck
    I feel that by you dreaming that you brought your mother means that you had some trepidations and needed a level head with you to help you sort out your feelings

    That is what is so scary...my mom is not level headed at all. Kinda flaky and an ardent JW.

    I think I will ask my husband to put on a suit tonight and carry his briefcase into the bedroom....

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    The Witnesses paint a pretty picture. Live forever, Paradise, abundent food supply, everyone having their own split level house, friendly animals all around, peace, love, harmony between all people, etc etc etc. Just like the brother in your dream. He was picture perfect, A nice package . But, can you imagine your life with a person like that? Meetings, Service, 4 door sedans, Assemblies, Watchtower Studies. All that and he will still say to you. "That's a nice submissive wife".

    But, what was that scripture about whitewashed graves that look good on the outside, but inside are just full of dead bones?

  • SheilaM


    I've had nightmares before but none like that LOL

  • jws

    I started to wonder when the assembly had an interactive Watchtower study with people raising their hands and microphone carriers walking around. I had a really odd, but awesome dream this morning too, but don't think I should share .

    I'm in no position to analyze dreams and tell you what they means, but some things I did find interesting is that you only mentioned sisters in the audience, no men. The only man was the one in control on the podium. And the sisters were mostly described as old ladies, leaving you as the lone, young female.

    Funny how dreams are. A passing thought can end up in a dream later on and you can't figure out howor why that one thing caused such a significant role in the dream. The very act of being on this board may have set up the whole JW theme.

  • blackout

    I have had many dreams about going to assemblies over the past few years. It is usally a humiliating experience, sometimes I suddenly realise I'm naked or wrongly dressed. Sometimes Im doing something 'wrong' at the assembly and have this terrible feeling I'm going to get caught.

    I haven't had one since I've been on this forum though.

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