What to do with my WT library?

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  • Maverick

    After I came back for Down Under this Jan. I gathered up all my J-dud literature except my indexes, Bound volumes, Insight and Aid Books. These I wanted to use for references. I took the rest out to the dumpster behind my office and filled the thing! When I told my 18 year old daughter what I did she added all of her literature to mine! Boy it felt good! I reasoned that if I gave it back they might just give it to some study and poison their mind.

    I remember on more than one occasion finding boxes of literature in the parking lot or stacked against the Kingdumb Hall door! What have you done with your literature? Maverick

  • blondie

    I see a lot sold on E-bay even the general stuff. Maverick you may have tossed about "dollars."


    (I have some I am selling on E-bay. The ones on the CD I'm boxing up, the rest I have for research. I lifted 2 nice books from the KH library at my last meeting worth at least $500 on E-Bay)

  • Shutterbug

    I likewise threw mine in the dumpster, but regret it now some of that stuff is going for a pretty good chunk of change on ebay. It would have also been useful for reference material, but this link does very well in that regard. Don't quit on us Simon.

  • greven

    I have the CD-ROM for references and some stuff that is not on the CD. The rest is happely tossed out of the window after being 'redecorated' so nobody will read it and fall for it. I can already picture it:

    'How did you came into the truth?'

    'Well I was walking in the street minding my own buisiness, when al of a sudden an aid book falls from heaven and hitting me unconscience. Slowly coming to my senses, head still spinning I start reading the stuff and all of a sudden it all made sense! It was truly a blessing from 'hovah'


  • LB

    My literature warmed us to the bone as we had a lovely fire behind the house. I did not burn the CD but instead placed it upon my trap shooting machine and sent it aloft. Only to adjust it's flight with a well aimed load of buckshot

    The best shot I ever made.

  • NeonMadman

    Anybody who wants to get rid of his or her old WT literature can send it to me. I'll even pay the postage.

    I had a great collection of WT literature; almost every book they ever printed, except for two or three of the rarest (and I was working on those). But my ex-wife took most of it in the divorce, on the theory that she still believed in the religion, and I didn't. Somehow, that even entitled her to all of the bound volumes and other literature I had been collecting since I started studying at the age of 14 (we didn't get married till I was 26). Of course, if she actually read some of the books she took, she might not believe it either. But anyway, whenever I get my books organized, I'm going to want to start rebuilding. Suppose I'll have to spend a fortune on eBay (*sigh*).

  • mouthy

    Tom if you want to send me your address -I am inheriting a lot of JW books from a Christian wife ( her husband had a ministry to Ex JW) I dont have them yet But said as soon as the weather get better she will bring them she lives in Niagaria Falls.I think you have my e-mail I will send you the doubles.


    I threw out all my WBTS crap years ago..Guess what? That crap is worth money,and people are willing to pay cold hard ca$h for it..Don`t throw it out unless it really makes you feel good to destroy it....Personaly,I enjoyed throwing it out...OUTLAW

  • Mulan

    I too sold much of it on ebay for BIG bucks. I made over $400 on 5 items.............some were pretty old and one was MacMillan's book, Faith on the March. That one went for a lot ($150 as I recall............it started a bidding war, and I just watched it go up and up). I sold the entire set of Rainbow books (all the old Rutherford books that were colors, so we called them Rainbow books) for $150. I could have gotten more, if I had known about ebay back then.

    I sold the Paradise Lost books for $7 each.

  • jukief

    Whatever you do, don't let AlanF have them! He has enough already!

    AlanF's significant other

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