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  • Olig

    Evening everyone hope we're all oreyt! First time posting...

    Bit of my background I grew up in the WTS (still keep on almost calling it the "truth!" Lol) and have been PIMO for around 2 years now. Just turned POMO and moved out of mums house, stopped going to meetings etc. I'm 21 years old and so glad to be out of it it's unreal! I'm in a bit of a funny situation, I'm struggling financially due to bad decisions involving an expensive car.... dOH! So I've had to move into a house share, with 3 women (not bad I know! 😉). Keeping this aspect quiet for obvious reasons...

    I've had this incredibly weird and irritating feeling recently.... I've known it was all bollocks for 2 years now, however been PIMO has really made me "Zealous" to try and tell everyone how full of shite the society is... I haven't spoken a word to anyone as of yet, but it's getting to be like a proper bad itch that I just want to scratch haha! Any ideas on how is go about telling my younger sister not to get baptized in a way she does her own research, so I'm not spouting out all this from my own mouth and she makes her decision by herself?

    If that makes sense.... Peace out.


  • steve2

    Understandable - but go easy for a time. That itch can be scratched anonymously for the time being. Speak out - as you've done - but leave out your name and other identifiers. Get completely on your feet first.

  • Olig

    Good point Steve2. I'll make sure to do that! How long have you been here?

  • john.prestor

    Definitely talk to her. Honestly, I suggest you avoid the doctrinal stuff beyond telling her about jwfacts.com, that site is great, and tell her about your experience, like how much better you feel now, how much happier you are (that comes across in your post, you sound relieved) The Governing Body talks about 'apostates' like they're all miserable, unpleasant people. Show her you're not. Even if she doesn't do any research, if she starts to doubt, she knows she can talk to you. Best of luck man, and welcome to the site. You need us, we got your back.

  • Olig

    Thanks John, I will do that in time thanks for the advice, I did think that if I could show how good life is out of the society it would speak for itself! Cheers mate, appreciate it!


  • Phoebe

    Hi Olig,

    Are you in the UK? You sound British.

    Good to have you here and you've got out so young. Well done.

    Hope to hear more from you.

  • Giordano

    Show her a good time. But don't make more of it then you should.

    Keep your housing situation to yourself. The Society has a firm rule that if a man and women share a private apartment or home even for only one night you are obviously committing fornication in one form or another. Even if you aren't fooling around.One time...one woman. With three ladies under your roof it would take you a 1000 years to work that sin out........ lol even if nothing happened.

    You might mention to your sister that Jesus was not baptized until he was 30 years of age. Considering the mentality of the JW's they would be saying how come he wasn't baptized in his teens?

    The thing you want to do with your sister is to treat her as a normal teenager with standards. Have fun outings but don't bring up the JW beliefs etc. Do bring up world advents, how in many places conditions are getting better, what her interests are job wise and how much education she will need.

    Unless she asks you........... respect her beliefs........... but try to give her a bigger picture of life as it is or should be.

    Be careful about the example you set. The greatest gift you can receive from your sister will be that she recognizes your humanity, and you didn't make your love and respect conditional.

    Two Elders are driving by your place.....they spy the cloths-line festooned (always wanted to use that word in a sentence) with panties, stockings and dresses drying.

    There's a long silence then one Elder turns to the other and says 'Oh my god! He;s turned Gay!"

  • smiddy3

    Welcome Olig ,however be careful how much info you divulge about yourself here or anywhere else.You will get so much support on this forum but keep your true identity secret .Just be general about where you are from etc.

    As Giordano says their is no need for your sister to rush into baptism because Jehovah knows her heart condition and Jesus didn`t get dunked until he was 30 years old .

    Don`t let her get pressure from Elders scaring her with threats of persecution and the end is now so close .

    I`m glad to hear you got out at such a young age ,and I wish you all the best ,take care and keep us informed on how you and your sister are going.

    I had to laugh at the last 3 sentences Giordano posted ? We do have a sense of humour here LOL

  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome Ollie!

    Glad to have you here.

  • Xanthippe

    Welcome Olig, enjoy your freedom.

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