Gratitude and apologies to the group, and a question for Simon.??

by kat_newmas 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • SheilaM


    Nope wasn't offended by your bumm but GET A TAN MAN LOL

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie


    I was glad to read your explanation of why the original pic was posted...

    After reading your posts, I was always thinking "That's interesting, but what's the deal with the bare ass pic?"

  • kat_newmas

    Thank you all for the little flame thingy..... I am proud of it now. Brummie... I tried to post some artwork on another thread... was told you cannot put pics on from your c drive. Whe I get the new avatar after Simon fixes the "edit" I will put one on there. (cant find my own posts now without that shiny moon to guide me......)

    Mouthy..... hee hee... I am listening to your testimony right now.... I am so attracted to British accents... I married one you know......From Culchester.... Sounds a weee bit Irish

  • blackout

    Hi Kat,

    Thanks for the explaination on your pic. I wondered if that was your butt.

    Actually I miss it a bit, don't get to see cute butts very often. LOL.

    Have fun on the board.

    Blackout, who will be changing her name as soon as profile edit is fixed.

  • jgnat

    No apologies needed, kat. I have enjoyed your posts from get-go. Believe me, you are not the first to think this is a pro-JW site. What is truly annoying are the one-shot wonders that post YOU JW SO-AND-SO'S ARE SICK, SICK SICK YOU RUINED MY LIFE, then leave. I bet they never even check the responses.

    Your shiny butt fits in perfectly with this crowd. I, too, am going to miss it.

  • mouthy

    >>>>>Joy!!!! I suppose your one of those young uns !! that thinks old ladies dont look at butts( mens or womens) I may be old- but I am not dead yet-- I think that is a very interesting part of the body- Imagine if God hadnt give us one-YOU wouldnt be here !!!!!(Only kidding darling-- I am sure you know I have the monicker on here by some( who shall remain nameless ( SEXY GRANNY) or Dirty old lady!!!>>>>walks away shaking my head>>>> I wonder why they say that about me- A dear innocent little ole lady never says a bad word- never swears- Never does anything wrong!!! Have you ever watched Sat night at 11.30? WOW!!!!!!! keeps me awake.. You see I am one of those open minded broads who thinks sex is one of the loveliest gifts God gave us. ( To bad he took it way so soon>>>>>Oh well! We dont know what he will give us in the "new earth" I used to think I might like to have an tiger lurking in my wonderful garden filled with flowers in my so wonderful house that I had already picked out on the door to door root.Oh im am so sorry I forgot I was talking to real people my seniors moment was acting up>>>>>>I bet I will get Joys hubby telling me off for this one!!!!!I'm sorry I'm sorry Please dont DF me

  • kat_newmas

    Kat Newmas reads the post from Mouthy and falls out of his chair. laughing that is. You are just too funny.... finally got to hear all of your testimony.... quite a riot.

    As far as you being old... I just dont believe it.... You are a really neat gal ! The name certainly fits you .... I remember when you first responded to my post on men wearing earings... and the penis thing... I knew then, that you were a flipping riot.... Next time I visit Europe, I will have to make it a point to drop you a line....

    Live fast, Die young, and you will never grow old

  • joannadandy

    I thought you were wearing peter pan type ballet tights...and I thought my ass glowed in the dark....

  • nowisee

    smack smack.. YOU decide how i mean that.

  • mouthy

    Kat! I am glad you laughed...Hey! when you come visit come to Ontario Canada cos thats where I live Love ya!!!!!(((HUG))

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