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  • Mystla

    I had a perfect bookbag once, it held everything just so, and I had it all broken in. I could reach into that bag and whip out whatever I wanted without even looking. The shoulder straps were just the right length for me, and it was appropriatly weather proof (It's wet here in Oregon) I bought that bag just after I started pioneering and used it until just before I quit (three years) If I'd been superstitious I'd have thought it was the loss of that bag that made things go wrong in the pioneering front. So, How did I lose it, you ask? While my Ex and I where on our honeymoon someone broke into my car (which we had left behind..I didn't take my bookbag on my honeymoon!) and that bag was the only thing stolen. I lost the bag, my reasoning book that had all my notes in it, and worst of all.. my return visit records! I have to laugh at the poor crook who thought he was getting a purse and it turned out to be a bag full of bible literature! I never did get another bookbag as comfy as that one... glad I don't need one anymore! Mystla

  • DJ


    I've always known that Italians do it better.....! ehhem......

  • Joyzabel

    My most prize bag was given to me by a District Overseer's wife (Sam Friend) when I was in my mid teens. (late 60's) Thick leather, light brown in color. It's the size of the magazines on their side. Simple bag, actually, but very sturdy. You made me think of it as you described "the brick". I passed it on to my daughater when she was in her teens (she left the wtbts before me, don't worry) but we still laugh at that old "bookbag".


  • LyinEyes

    I really enjoyed your bookbag story , UncleBruce, it almost made me cry. But darnit I was watching the movie Simon Burch and have been on a crying jag ever since.

    I guess I am sentimental. I found my oldest son's first bookbag the other day,in our old house, covered in dust and old magazines still in it. I guess it just hit me hard, how much he has changed since those days. I remember his first doors in service, I remember how he really tried to love field service but was like me and hated mornings. I guess things seemed a little more simple back then, and he was still my innocent little boy.
    I wouldnt go back , or have us stay being JW's at all, but there are certain things that have more to do with us,,,,,,,,,just being a family and the milestones we made,,,,,,,not so much about the WT or being JW.

    I felt this way when I found my husbands dress shoes, also covered in dust. I remembered how much I loved to listen to him give talks, and how much I really missed seeing him interact with the friends from the stage,,,,,,,And how so many times we always seemed to never be able to find both of his shoes in the same place. We would be rushing about the house , in a frantic treasure hunt, looking for those darn shoes.

    My bookbag was dusty even while we were still JW's , I never used it........LOL.

  • unclebruce

    mmm you're all pretty funny but it sounds to me like the fine art and craft of jw baggery hasn't advanced much in these troublesome days .. I thought by now they might come with a nightlight, sunglasses, a drinkholder and mobile phone pouch. (oops, i'm straying into kingdom accessories. oooo me think me sees a captive market

  • ozziepost

    G'day Bagman,

    Lionel Dingle whispered in my ear that the worlds best witnessing bags are made by an Italian brother in a neighbouring congregation “see mine” he said “this bag has endured everything Papua can dish out, it’s been drenched by tropical storms

    I thought it was a Greek brother, wasn't it, by the name of Sotiropoulos?

    I've got one too, and it still looks like new. It sits where it was left in the bottom of the bag cupboard in all its pristine glory. Shame about the contents! Funny thing about witnessing bags and meeting bags, I've never found another use for them......or is it just the memories?

    Cheers, Ozzie

    P.S. Thanks for the phone call. Good luck in those endeavours.

  • unclebruce

    LOLat a sick ozzie ..yep you're spot on son -come to think of it he was Greek (i thought Greek but typed Italian in view of you correcting me last time i got him wrong lol .. keep getting him mixed up with an italian upholsterer)

    ... Sotoropolus - i shoulda remmembered him -(i remodled his bathroom and his daughter chased me for a bit lol) .. oh to be young again and surrounded by jw girls

    gee ozzie - do you know everything?

    ps: sorry for calling you a bag full of germs .. love to mzie

    pss: you gotta get over your fear of witnessing bags ozzie. go on, go to the cupboard and put some apostate literiture in it, i dare ya! (psssst: if ever you wanna sell it i'll make it worth your while .. fair dinkum :)

  • Maverick

    I have two bags, one for meetings, somewhat bigger and a sleet thin one for service. I always kept my bags clean and shinny and conditioned like my saddle and my foot gear. A lot of people let their bags get all beat up like this was a sign of how 'spiritual' they where! Some brothers would bring these big square bags to the meeting as a sign saying'"I'm an Elder!" It reminds me of the Pharisees with their large scripture containing cases! Anybody want mine, there are gathering dust in my hall closet? Maverick

  • ozziepost
    Some brothers would bring these big square bags to the meeting as a sign saying'"I'm an Elder!"

    The same here 'downunder'! D'ya notice how those bags don't fit between the seats in the rows, so the elders have them 'parked' in the aisleways!! You can always tell the elders in an orstrarlian Hall!

  • Undecided

    I got my last bag as the graduation present from my parents, I started pioneering when I graduated from high school in 1954. I just threw it away last year. It was cowhide and had a strap that locked with a key. I wish I had kept it now. I wish I knew how many miles I had carried that bag. I still have my brief case that I used at the meetings. I was ministry school servant and used it to keep the things I needed for that.

    Ken P.

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