Bookbag competition

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  • Scully

    I started a similar thread to this one almost a year ago Unc

    Of course, as it turns out.... Farkel had the biggest one.... I should've guessed....

    Love, Scully

  • gitasatsangha

    I liked your bookbag post.

    Mine is just some old cheap thing I bought many years ago. Strangely though, it is still in one piece. I use it to keep tools in. Strangely it still smells like Watchtowers and Awake!s.

  • SheilaM

    Thunder and I found our book bags not to long ago, mine was black and hisbrown very functional he'd had since hector was a pup LOL I threw them out they creeped me out still had mags in them YUCK

  • calamityjane

    Funny you should bring this subject up. I was just down in my basement over the weekend and came across xjw's book bag. I looked at it and shuddered.

    I believe it was a gift I gave to him as an anniversary present. don't people usually give romantic things to their spouses. Yuck what was I thinking so many years ago.

    Anyway that wasn't the only present he got that time, there were others, we always showered each other with gifts on our anniversarys as that was the only thing we could celebrate and give gifts.

  • sf

    Now THIS is 'the Kind' of bookbag all free lovin' jws should carry:

    Hemp Bookbags from Hemp Sisters Inc.
    Made from 100% hemp, you're bound to find the bookbag or bookbags for your
    needs or for that student in your life. Hemp Bookbags. ... Batik Bookbags, ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

    All we are saying, is give Peace a Chance!

    sKally, Hemp Sister, klass --or, to my 'buds'...Sister Hemp Klass ( {{{{{{{{{ UNC!! you Hunk!! }}}}}}}}} )

  • sf
    sf :

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    PragmaDigm, Inc. Publisher of the database utility used to prepare our libraries. The program is named DocsPDite.

    E-Kom A really good place to get a web site designed. Just happens to be a brother too.

    TSWinTM Free programs for Theocratic Ministry School and Secretary. Maintained by a brother in Texas, USA. Current version supports 2003 new TMS format.

    TMS Ware A newer style program for Theocratic Ministry School. We've tested the program and it has a few kinks but looks to be very well done overall. Supports 2003 new school format. Shareware ($29.00 USD) but looks like it is worth the money.

    School Deluxe Another TMS program from Europe. Freeware but requires registration. Looks pretty good with some unique features.

    Territory Program A territory program. We have not evaluated. Requires free registration to enable download.

    Congregation Publisher File A secretary/service overseer program. We have not evaluated. Free to download and use.

    Savard Software Some interesting freeware and a program to keep track of your service time.

    Book Bind.Net Bookbags, bookbinding and other items helpful in the ministry

    Madzay Graphics A variety of useful items for Theocratically inclined people, including greeting cards and service accessories.

    Advance Book Bindery (Canada) Another place to get your Bible and Reasoning book bound together, this site offers a leather option.

    Witness Web Museum Has some history including sound bites and pictures from the early days of Jehovah's Witnesses. (Small site)

    Watchtower Society Official Site We realize this is probably redundant but just in case you've not yet visited it, click for a nice visit. The Society has won several awards for their site.

    FreeBible.Com A freeware King James Bible with Strong's links. Also has 1901 American Standard version. The interface is pretty good. Just double click any word to have the Strong's definition pop up. Very handy reference.

    2001 Translation A new English translation of the Greek Scriptures by a brother. His web site indicates his goal. "... this translation of the Bible is written in the commonly-spoken vernacular of our time". What we've read of it indicates it is certainly easy to read. Available in downloadable PDF files for each of the 27 books in the Greek Scriptures.

    FreeSurfer pop-up ad eliminator A freeware program that does a good job of eliminating annoying pop-up ads when visiting certain sites. Great shareware/freeware download site. Recommended for nearly all computer users.

    2Cows (tucows) Great shareware/freeware download site. Recommended for nearly all computer users. Has a large group of items targeting the techie nerd, too.

    Virus Myths How many times have you received an e-mail message from a good friend warning you of dire consequences about a certain "virus"? Is it valid? Or is it a hoax? This site gives you the real skinny. Check here before you start deleting system files based on rumor.

    Warped Web This is the site of the excellent newsletter e-mailer that we use on our site. The program is freeware and does an excellent job. Highly recommended!

    RefDesk.Com Good general purpose reference site for various facts & figures.

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  • wannaexit

    Mine was the prettiest!

    In the early 70's, I had an orange paisley little suitcase I called my bookbag. It was unique. I still have it all these years later. My kids use as storage for toys.

    Having pioneered for so many years, I know how valuable a bookbag was. It was a status symbol. The real cool bookbags were the nice leather ones with the shoulder straps. When you went to a door you looked like an executive.

  • BluesBrother

    I still have my ministry bag too. I got from a witness who custom built a range of bags. Come to the think, he lived in or about North West England, not far from our Simon - I wonder if he knows of the enterprise?

    It was very neat black leather, made to fit the WT size paper rather than standard A4. On the side there is an attached flap with a clip for your S8's . That drew many envious comments!

    I see from sf's post that the spirit of commerce is still alive and well in the ranks of the faithful.

  • Carmel

    Cured chum salmon skins make the best book bags Unc.

    caveman of the "old chum" clan

  • unclebruce

    beg ta differ from ya caveman,

    i guess fish skin'd be real waterproof but rooskin's the best leather there is (after canetoad that is :)


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