I agree, LW: Women Should Know Their Proper Place!

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  • JanH

    Like LoneWolf, I am much dismayed at the haughty nature of many women on this site. What is this world coming to, when women don’t know their correct position in subjection to men?

    Thankfully, God’s Channel of Communication to Mankind (tm, patent pending) have always been aware of the matter and addresses the respective positions of men and women. Hopefully, the independent-minded women here will take to heart this advice.

    In finding a wordly authority that really understands womens' proper position, they explained what this independence leads to:

    *** w56 10/15 639 Man's Rightful Role ***
    Describing the plight of many of today’s families, the psychiatrist said: “When man abdicated his responsibility in the home he forced his wife into a position of leadership for which she is not prepared. At the same time, the male children were deprived of paternal supervision. This too frequently results in weak, passive males inadequate to take over the leadership in the home because they never learn independence of female leadership.”

    Women should by now realize that they are not only responsible for their own faults, but for the faults of men as well.

    This especially applies when poor mislead men (obviously resulting from being dominated by women) commits rape. Look how horrible some women behave, by not staying put in the kitchen as they’re supposed to:

    *** g73 2/8 30-1 Watching the World ***
    Hitchhiking Crimes
    * Hitchhiking is connected with many crimes in the U.S. Minneapolis has about eight serious hitchhiking incidents in a year; Los Angeles about three per day. Women appear to be one fourth of the hitchhiking population now; as a result, more sex crimes are involved. A police captain in Maryland says female hitchhikers “practically invite rape.” In 1971 in Los Angeles 22 percent of all rapes and 4.7 percent of all robberies were connected with hitchhiking. Neither offending drivers nor riders fit one pattern of dress or behavior.

    And when this has happened, it is always the woman’s fault if she is raped, because it’s her duty to risk life and health to protect her all-important chastity (if he then commits necrophilia, she bears no guilt for this):
    *** g84 2/22 24 They Resisted Rapists ***
    At times they have a weapon and threaten to use it if the victim does not cooperate. Should a Christian quietly submit? No, the situation is not the same as when a man simply is asking for money or other material possessions. A woman wisely would give him these. But the rapist is asking a person to break God’s law by committing fornication. Under such circumstances a Christian is obligated to resist.—1 Corinthians 6:18. ‘But could not resistance be dangerous?’ someone may ask. Yes, it could be.

    When a chaste woman is married to a God-fearing man, she should understand that she has become his property. And property often bears the mark of their owners. So also with wives:
    *** km 3/79 4 Pioneers and Their Reports ***
    * Married sisters should show “Mrs.” and then their husband’s first name on their monthly report cards (e.g., Mrs. John Witness). If someone else makes out the card for the pioneer, it would be appreciated if the pioneer would check to be sure that the name is correct.
    * When single pioneer sisters marry, they should supply the Society with the husband’s first and last name and the date of the marriage. Thereafter they should list their name as requested in the preceding point.

    Above all, she should realize her proper position in the relationship:

    *** w56 9/1 525 The Divine Origin of Marriage ***
    MARRIAGE is a close union between two parties. The main party to the marriage is called the husband. The other or lesser party to it is called the wife.

    I hope that all women take this godly advice to heart, and hereafter continus to follow Brother LoneWolf’s advice to stay pretty (for their husband’s enjoyment) while ”showing discretion” by keeping themselves from criticizing the Men (Proverbs 11:22).

    - Jan
    Faith, n. Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel. [Ambrose Bierce, The Devil´s Dictionary, 1911]

  • logical

    Jan, out of those quotes from WTS magazines, only one has a scripture by it, misapplied.

    Prove to me all that with scriptures then I will believe you.

    Nice touch with Proverbs 11:22 though.

  • JanH

    Hi logical,

    Prove to me all that with scriptures then I will believe you.

    You know the scripture about a woman being executed if she was raped in a city, and had not screamed, I assume.

    Also, a husbond is "the woman's owner" all thru the OT.

    One can, however, argue that the Bible doesn't really say the woman is the lesser of a marriage. But it seems pretty obvious, considering other statements, that this is implied.

    - Jan
    Faith, n. Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel. [Ambrose Bierce, The Devil´s Dictionary, 1911]

  • outnfree

    Gee, Jan H!

    (who was writing all this tongue-in-cheek, logical)

    All those years I filled out my time slips with MY OWN FIRST NAME and no indication of my married status!

    I wonder when the "new light" came out on that? Never? Why didn't the elders who served as congregation secretaries "readjust me"?


  • JT


    i got blasted by the CO when he came for putting the name on the publishers card the wrong way.

    i can't recall it exactly but it went something like this,

    a sister got married and decided to use her last name as well as her husband name

    James Thomas was her hubby

    Yvette Johnson was hers

    when she married she went by

    Yvette Johnson-Thomas

    so on her publisher record car i wrote her new name in

    the co comes in and Blast me out of the water

    he proceeds to show me the WT way- now being a Society Man at the time i was all ears

    he takes a pioneer sisters card and in front of all the elders ask me to read what the society has written
    well it goes sorta like this:

    Ms James Thomas

    so i tried to explain to him that this is how the sister was using her new married name
    and he told me- THIS IS THE WAY THE SLAVE WANTS IT

    so later on i spoke with CO in private about what the deal was-

    and he pointed to me that it was a bad example for a sister not to drop her name and take her hubby name

    also based on some English Proper ediqute it was to be listed as

    Ms James Thomas

    so once again women got the shaft

    now my wife always hated the way sisters were treated

    so she kept me in line and informed when it came to women issues

    but sad to say most male jw dont give much credit to women in my opinion


  • VeniceIT


  • RedhorseWoman

    Forgive me, O great ones, for I have grievously sinned. I have staunchly refused to become chattel to my husband. I frequently use only my first and last name (which I did change to my husband's name when I married, mainly because I didn't like my maiden name). I also frequently use the title of Ms. even though I'm married.

    And.....oh, I am SO ashamed....my husband stays home, while I work. (sob)

  • JAVA

    Hi Jan,

    I knew there was something that attracted me to the cult I mean the Christian Witnesses of Jehovah! Jan, thank you for sharing these spiritual truths from the Faithful Slave. After much reflection and prayer, I think sisters in our cyber group should show proper respect to the God-ordained-male headship by wearing head coverings when posting to this forum. I have a modest example picked out for RedhourseWoman below:

    ...counting time at the Coffee Shop

  • larc

    Brother Jan,

    Thank you for that fine spiritual reminder. Some of the weak ones here have been back slidding into wordly thinking. I just wanted you to know that this has not happened in my household. My wife knows here place. We have discussed this many times. I make the important decisions, and she handles the minor ones. For example, I decide what we should do about fair trade with South America and our foriegn policy with China and Tiawan. She handles the minor matters, such as the house we live in, what kind of car we buy - little things like that.


    Thank you for the picture of that wholesome sister. She sets a fine example. I think cowboy hats at the Hall will be a nice touch.

    By the way, brother JAVA, would you like to join me at the Nutter Center this summer for a visit at the Assembly. If you did, it would double the number bearded ones in attendance. Two gray beards walking in at the same time might be too much for them. If we do go, I don't know if we should fortify ourselves with strong black coffee or strong dark beer.

  • JT


    it is truly good to see that you have accepted your wonderful and loving role of being in submission to God's arrangement as explained by his FDS


    my wife always hated the way sisters were treated

    we had this sister who had her PHD and one night she brought a fellow female Dr. to the bookstudy and the reg conductor was not there and some sad old bro had to conduct along with his sidekick reader
    who could not read- she said it was the most embarrassing night in her life

    her friend thought it was the most Ignorant thing she had ever seen

    seh wanted to know why they could not use a female WHO COULD READ -READ

    WELL YOU know the rest of the story as to why not


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