Major announcement, news, and video this upcoming Sunday in all kingdomhalls worldwide???

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  • EndofMysteries

    Got a call from a relative that I should go to the meeting this Sunday because something major to be announced. (They were told it has to do with branches closing down, missionaries being sent home, etc). I said it's probably money. They are speculating maybe the GB got new light and that maybe it will be declared witnessing is done, shutting down factories, missionaries being sent home, etc. They also said that kingdomhalls with one congregation are being sold and they are being joined with others and they are trying to fit 4 congregations per KH.

    Anybody have a leaked letter or the video of what will be shown on Sunday?

  • Tenacious
    Another scare tactic and guilt trip to make the brethren send in all they got and to prostitute themselves if need be as the GB is in dire need of money ......*cough*bullsh**cough*
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    The letter was posted to the site late last week and there are a ton of threads about it. Revamping the school is the biggest change.
  • Simon

    It will be "waffle, waffle, waffle" with some rumour and suggestions that something may be happening. Nothing ever does though.

    It's just intended to excite the base and keep them handing over their money.

    I remember years ago at a district assembly where they made a big issue about the UN declaring the "year of Peace". "We're not saying this is a call of "peace and security" brothers ... but watch this space".

    Everything is implied and hinted at but they have learnt never to say anything concrete so they have plausible deniability. If anyone makes decisions based on their hints they blame them for mis-interpreting what was (wasn't) said.

  • millie210
    It sounds like the bastardization of the letter on changes to the midweek meeting and the announcement about sending Bethelites home.
  • Crazyguy
    It's about to be October, what happens every October, it's so close the end, the end is so close we can taste it.
  • cappytan
  • cognac
    I don't remember the letter talking about the consolidation of Kingdom Halls. I'd be surprised if they are going full force with that...
  • pixel
    Stay alive 'till Sunday, October 4th!!!...
  • thedepressedsoul

    lol it's going to just be the week day meeting change and they'll probably spin the shut down as the "final push" and create tons of excitement around it while they are trying to plug their financial titanic behind the scenes.

    All it's going to do is make my life more complicated as elders start to push people to do more during the "final push".

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