Tipping Your Hat to a Woman is SATANIC

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  • piztjw

    It reminds of the time the elders from the hall paid me a visit at home to alert me of the dangers of sitting with a member of the opposite sex, i.e. masturbation.

    I heard that B.S. too. Sounds like an idiot, self-important, pompous a55 elder named Curtis that lived in an upper midwest state USA for many years and then went to WT farms. His wife was a real piece of work too.

    In reality anything that makes a person feel self-worth is satanic in Jdubland.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Then why is it the man that is supposed to rise when a woman enters a room or comes to or leaves the table, and never the woman? Is it too inconvenient again? Is she pinned to the chair, as the hat is pinned to her head? What custom does exist whereby women show respect to men?

    That same article also shows it is wrong to stand when a women comes to or leaves the table! Maybe these customs have been lost somewhat over the years, but in 1952 when this was written it would have been the height of bad manners to act in this way.


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