Tipping Your Hat to a Woman is SATANIC

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  • Julie

    :It is a scheme of Satan to turn men away from God and from his announced rule of the proper position of man and woman. The Lord has declared that no effeminate man shall inherit the kingdom of heaven (1 Cor 6:9) This proves that the scheme or habit of paying homage to women is not of God, but from the great enemy of God.

    This interesting snippet brings to mind something I wonder about. If all this reverence toward women is such an insult to God, why did God make hormones the most powerful force known to man? You would think a merciful God would have gone a little easier in the sex drive category if he was so concerned about the "wrongful", yet undeniably powerful, distraction the genders are to each other.

    Just a thought,

  • mommy

    Very interesing point, men seem to be almost entirely controlled by their sex drive, by their own admission. Yes most men may direct their sexual fantasies towards other forms of sex but the majority direct them toward woman. Does this mean that Satan is the creator of sex? But I thought that God gave the command, to fruitful and become many.

    I can honestly tell you I have seen instances that you have described in the medical field. Sick I tell you, of course I couldn't be outspoken as I had to respect their beliefs, but I had many of harsh words to say under my breath. Nice to see you around BTWI am glad you have time to still hang around.

  • COMF

    Aw, dang, I misread the title. I thought it said, "Tipping Your Hat to a Woman who is SATANIC."

    I was thinking, "What, she turns you into a toad for being a male chauvinist? Puts a curse on your underwear and they keep riding up in your crack? Or maybe just slams you down on a straw mat amid the candlewax, fingerbones and shrunken heads. Hey...!


    (edited to add a forgotten closing double-quote)

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  • minimus

    April of 2001......The WT. was in the 50's.

  • jwbot

    woah talk about old thread.

    I liked this:

    What custom does exist whereby women show respect to men? The absence of any is not just by chance, but is by satanic design to untheocratically elevate the woman above the man. In many ways Satan has taken the woman from the position assigned her by God, taken her from the home and its duties and put her into politics and commerce and religious leadership, and thereby caused much of the modern breakdown on the family front.
    We women are so evil!!!!
  • avengers
    Tipping Your Hat to a Woman is SATANIC

    Alright! Now I'll be sure to do it. Tips hat to all you beutiful ladies on this forum.
    E-man can I borrow your hat?

    Andy of the hat-tipper class

  • ozziepost

    I don't know why on earth Badboy brought this up right now, but now he has.....

    In 1952 this was a "hot issue" in the Borg. My late father, a gentleman of the 'old school' was actually reproved for this by the congregation servant. It seems incredulous to me now that he actually left the "wicked" world, where he had some prestige and esteem, to "enjoy" this garbage!!!

  • Gerard

    Come on! We all need someone to carry the wood ands scale the fish.

    Freaking cult...

  • Rabbit

    W-what...? Women do NOT want to be flattered ....? Damn...why didn't somebody remind me ? I had it s-o-o-o-o-o wrong...lol

    * sigh * What a great religion , huh ?

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