Tipping Your Hat to a Woman is SATANIC

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  • BluesBrother

    If, like me you thought this was some kind of joke or scam , please be assured that I have checked it in a real , paper bound volume.

    Sometime in th'80s the WT issued reprints of old volumes and as luck would have it, this one is at the back of the shelf in this study. I have it here and it is a true quote.

    I cannot recall ever hearing this, and by the time I was grown up it must have been forgotten (at least around here) since I can remember being encouraged to 'tip my hat' to a lady while on the ministry.

    But, they did say it...It shows a lot about the mind set at the time

  • simplesally

    I am glad badboy brought this btt!

    What I cannot figure out is how it was not a pagan custom in the first place but because Catholics do this then it automatically is associated with paganism. I have always thought that the JWs researched every single thing the catholics did, thought or imagined so they could weed all that stuff out and make people hate the catholics. Just look at most of the old publications.

    If it started out to be a custom of honor and respect.......and for the fact that you were not fearing your fellow man or the king.......and therefore you removed your helmut, to me, it showed that the men (knights) were not in fear of the womenfolk and were showing they were not there to wage war with that woman.

    Damn them.

  • badboy

    I BTTT because I thought it was interesting!


  • ozziepost

    Best of what, you badboy?

    I wouldn't hold your breath. Try writing something worth remembering would be a good start.

  • badboy

    wOULD i died of ASP**********first,Ozziepost

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  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Ahh, I never tire of reading this one. Gonna have to get a scan of the actual article and leave it around, I told the missus about this one and I'm not certain she believed me...


    OF THE DEVIL!!!!

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  • sparky1

    Watchtower logic: 'Tipping your hat to a woman is Satanic' therefore 'Tipping your hat to Satan is Womanly'.

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