Has Robert Ciranko replaced Don Adams as president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania ?

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  • EdenOne

    Robert Ciranko has been a "helper" of the Governing Body in the Writing Department.

    Don Adams (born 1925, presumably 91 years old now) has been President of the WTBTS since 2000.

    However, in recent official posts (April 2016), Robert Ciranko is identified as "President of The Watch Tower". Does anybody know what happened and if this is an official change?


  • oppostate

    That's an excellent catch! Good question, I just did some searching around and you're right, Ciranko is being touted as the President of the WT-Penn. corporation.

    I'd say official corporation records with the State of Penn. would give us some insight as to whether there was a definite appointment and a changing of the guard sort of speak.

    Good eye, EdenOne!

  • Listener
  • dropoffyourkeylee

    We had a circuit overseer some 20 years ago by the name of Dick Ciranko. Same person? Or a relative?

  • OrphanCrow

    A bio for Robert Ciranko and his wife, Ketra can be found in the write up for the 2010 Annual Meeting.


    (document downloads automatically if you click the link)

    Robert Ciranko & Ketra.

    Bob is a third generation Witness, raised by Witness parents. All of his four grandparents were anointed. They were humble Hungarian immigrants who learned the truth in Ohio from Bible Students. They were totally loyal to Jehovah and his organization. In 1955 his father took the family to Europe on a tour of international conventions. What stood out in his eight-year-old mind was Nuremberg where an assembly was held on Hitler’s parade grounds. Hitler had vowed to annihilate Jehovah’s Witnesses but we were 100,000 in mass. The 1958 assembly in New York City had ¼ of a million in attendance. These large gatherings showed that the truth was much bigger than himself or his hometown congregation. In 1965 when he was at the end of his schooling, the Vietnam War was still going on and he faced the draft board. He could get an exemption if he was serious about service, otherwise he could get a three year prison sentence. He had to put on paper how he really felt, his Bible based beliefs, the reasons for being a conscientious objector, etc. He had been baptized when he was eleven, but the truth became his own when he filled out that form. Every year for six years the draft board checked up on him to see that he was still pioneering. He was invited to serve in the circuit work in 1975 as a young, single man. But he wanted to get married so he prayed long and hard about this and in 1978 he met and married Ketra. Jehovah helped him find a good mate. They have served 32 years together in circuit and district work and at Bethel. To stay in full time service they put off having children, which was a sacrifice. But they hope this desire will be filled in the New World.

    Ketra: She grew up in a small congregation in central Illinois where it was common to only have eight at a meeting. She was the only Witness in school and would have to take her stand alone. She saw clearly the difference between true and false religion early and that the truth gave her a hope that others did not have. She was baptized when she was 13. She made the truth her own when she began pioneering at a larger congregation where it was apparent some things were just not right. Eventually apostasy came to light. Some did not like field service, and especially pioneers. After serious prayer she reaffirmed in her heart that this was Jehovah’s organization and the need to be loyal. She applied to be a special pioneer, which was possible at that time, and was assigned to another congregation in Minnesota. This congregation was a spiritual paradise, and her faith was strengthened. There was a fine body of elders and peace in the congregation, yet she was alone and also praying for a mate. Circuit and District work was challenging, but she found out what a blessed people we are to belong to a wonderful brotherhood. They have fond memories of living with friends in their homes. They would give them a key to their homes and they made friendships that could last forever. In 1994 they came to Bethel and since she is an only child, they faced the challenge of caring for her parents’ who had lingering illnesses. They used vacation time and leaves of absence to travel to Illinois to care for them. They didn’t have to give up their treasured Bethel service.

    · What excites you about the direction the Governing Body is going?

    Bob Ciranko: “They are feeding us the best spiritual food we have ever received. It is that Jehovah is in charge of the work and in complete control. The new Jeremiah book, page 119 says, “His will is going to take place in the way and at the pace he knows is best. This is guaranteed; we have no reason to doubt it.” As Zech. 8:23 describes, it is clear that God is using these men in a mighty way. If we hold on tightly to the skirt of a spiritual Jew they will lead us to the New World.”

  • steve2

    Bob Ciranko: “They are feeding us the best spiritual food we have ever received. It is that Jehovah is in charge of the work and in complete control.

    Hmmmm. If Jehovah is "in complete control" of the work, there should be no further changes, adjustments and refinements.

  • smiddy

    Is Robert Ciranko quoting Zech.8:23 in a way that is contrary to the official WT `s previous interpretation of this scripture ? or am I reading too much into his comment.

    I always thought that it was prophecy in fullfillment of a great influx into the religion , just before the GT / Armageddon


  • Londo111

    He sounds like what Ray Franz would call a "captive of the concept."

  • berrygerry

    "If we hold on tightly to the skirt of a spiritual Jew they will lead us to the New World.”

    I guess this sort of makes sense, then.


  • millie210
    They were totally loyal to Jehovah and his organization.

    Third sentence in on Roberts Bio.

    The above was concerning his parents but it is also mentioned about a third of the way in on Ketras Bio also. As a matter of fact it gets its own sentence.

    I also found it noteworthy that they are both described as making the truth their own at a later time after baptism - years after.

    Since they write nothing randomly and everything is written to create the desired response in the reader, I wonder what they are saying with that?

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