Would you take your shoes off?

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  • scotsman

    I confess this was a pet peeve of mine. I loathed sitting around with everyone exposing their corned and bunioned toes realeasing pungent aromas. Carpets are for walking on, not licking, and toddlers need a bit of dirt to built up immunity. And as to wearing soft shoes/slippers that other guests have worn AAGH, it's the pits. Of course I always took my shoes off if requested without a murmur.

    For some reason, I haven't come across this unpleasant ritual outside the Witnesses.

    In an ideal world we'd all be heeled by Manolo Blahnik, Ferragamo and Church's and shoes would be mandatory.

  • scotsman

    As to etiquette, not even the Queen asks you to take your shoes off.

    And white carpets? So 70's porn!


    It's not rude at all. VERY common, I usually take my shoes off at everyones house.

    I don't ask my guest to remove there shoes. But I always remove mine at the front door and when a guest does the same I really appreciate it!! But I don't impose upon them.

  • Xander

    I'm thinking this is entirely a climate or cultural thing.

    I've noticed this when on business travel - many of our clients are from the south (and, naturally, invite you over for dinner ?). Anyway, down south, shoes stay on. Dunno why.

    You try leaving your shoes on in any of the northern states, you a gonna get LECTURED.

    As noted, it's just too dirty outside. Between the salt, the mud, and the dust, it's just not practical to leave your shoes ON. (And, who WANTS to, anyway? I mean, isn't it a given that any opportunity to kick your shoes off is a GOOD thing?)

    Hmmm...spose that's probably part of the regional/cultural thing. For those areas where taking shoes off is common, we'd RATHER not wear them. Barefoot or socks is just preferred way of walking around, so kicking shoes off when coming in to someone's house is a GOOD thing - it signifies a pause in the journey, as it were. Moment to relax, etc.

    I spose hygiene is also a relevant concern. But, again, in areas where it's commonly accept you take your shoes off when entering someone's house, people are generally pretty good about keeping their feet clean and odor-free.

  • Xander

    FWIW, a large number houses up here lately have wood or tile floors, anyway. Still, take shoes off.

  • simplesally

    While I do ask people to take off their shoes, I also provide slippers. We bought several pairs of slippers in different sizes to accomodate individuals. But for a large gathering, we just wouldn't do that...... too many stinky feet!!

  • myself

    I don't mind. Makes me glad that mom reminded us to wear clean socks & underwear (no holes). Thanks Mom!

    And white carpets? So 70's porn!

    oooooo now I must order new white carpet.

  • TresHappy

    I remember a few years ago taking a home tour in some high dollar houses. They asked us to take off our shoes and we put on these hospital like booties. Sort of funny in the beginning, but when you saw the flooring of these homes you understood why. That's the only time I have ever been asked to remove my shoes.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I'm not sure about the prayer..but you can click on my name Golden Girl and then pull up my posting history.It should be on page 30 or 31. There is one that is called "Shared Prayer". Not sure that is it. But it makes me cry everytime I read it. A lot of people sent inspirational prayers on the link after hubby died. It sure brought a lot of tears to my eyes...good tears!...

    I tried to post the link but I messed up somehow. If you can't find it..I will reprint it for you...

    Hugs.....Snoozy...aka..Golden Girl

  • Brummie

    THANKS Golden girl I found it under "shared prayer", very moving, I appreciate your threads


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