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  • ctrwtf

    So today I'm watching CBS news coverage of the Popes visit to America. First, let me say I'm not religious at all at this point in my life. Still a few things stood out to me about the news coverage of his visit.

    First thing I wondered was if a GB member happened to garnish this much press (unlikely) what would his message be? The Pope's message was pretty much to promote love, peace, healing and forgiveness. The Pope also is speaking about environmental issues, income inequality and immigration. All issues relevant and important to concerned people across religious and demographic strata. A GB member would probably start out with, " all going to be blistered hot dogs at Armageddon."

    Next, I thought about the crowds getting in line at one o'clock in the AM to catch a glimpse at the parade route. I think the difference between such passionately believing Catholics and JW Regional Convention attendees was the fact that the Catholics actually WANTED to be there. Sure, JW conventions attract ten of thousands. But if my memory is correct, it was mostly compulsory attendance. Everyone couldn't wait for each day's program to end and were attending mostly because they wanted to look good. Even though many would say it was the "best convention ever" no one really left there feeling the spiritual rapture that the Pope seems to envoke.

    In addition, the Pope acknowledges the child sexual abuse scandal and seems genuinely concerned with eradicating such abuses in the future, Whereas JW leadership seems more concerned with damage control and wants to sweep their real problem with child abuse under the rug.

    So all things considered, I have to admire the Pope for inspiring a great deal of people across the spectrum of religious belief, (or disbelief) to be better people. It really stands out in contrast with the "you are all gonna die" dogma of the wits.

    Who knows? Maybe I'll convert. At least if I ever disagree with the Pope, I won't lose every relationship that I ever had.

    Follow that dream!
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    It all seems so ironic that the Watchtower always slams religions like Catholicism which acknowledge things like poverty, child abuse etc. Yet they never help feed the poor, clothing, shelter or really help the abused children. I smell hypocrisy.
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    He got out of the car in the road and kissed and hugged some disabled people who were there waiting to see him go by.

    I'm not religious anymore and never thought a thing about popes one way or the other.

    But i'm pretty sure there would never be seen a member of the Guardians of the Doctrine getting out of a limo to touch, kiss and hug a crowd of crippled and pitiful ones.


  • Vidiot
    I'll say this for him; Francis is way better at making people want to be Catholic than the GB is at making people want to be JWs.
  • OnTheWayOut
    I think of the average JW laughing at these Catholics flocking to their "Rock Star" leader, then sharing their disgust with the blind lemmings of the Catholic Church with their fellow JW. Right afterward, the same JW finds himself tuning in to the Governing Body's message this month on jw . org that whatever instructions reach them from the organization are consensus decisions that came from Jehovah and they should obey whether they understand them or not.
  • Gayle
    JW GB would get out of vehicle and preach "don't wear tight pants", " obey," don't get too much education," donate money" etc.
  • Vidiot

    Who would you rather hang out with?

    This guy?

    Or this guy?xxxxx

  • LisaRose

    Pope: Peace, love, forgiveness

    Governing Body: Dont wear tight pants.

    Pope: We need to do something about climate change

    Governing Body: Dont wear tight pants

    The pope has made some good moves lately, he has spoken out on the need to address climate change for example, but he gets a C-when it comes to child sex abuse. He has at leased discussed it, but then he expressed sympathy to the bishops for having to deal with it. What about sympathy for the actual victims? This was a problem that was made worse by the hierarchy, they shouldn't get sympathy for dealing with their own mess.

  • LostGeneration

    He might be a great guy in person, but I really don't care.

    As long as he presides over an organization promoting invisibly sky friends, and also one that promotes backwards teachings about human sexuality - I consider him an enemy of progress.

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