Did 1914 mark an increase in earthquake activity & deaths worldwide?

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    "Care to share?"....You bet!.... First off,hillary_step is not a her....hillary_step is a he....He also happens to be a bud of mine..The post I made to him,was to him,not you...My posts to you seem angry?..I`m not angry..I call a spade a spade..Your manipulative and decietfull..You ignore answers people post to you,and wander off topic when you don`t like the answers..It won`t work here dipshit..Goofs like you come and go on this board,on a daily basis....Have a shitty day.....OUTLAW


    Hey Farkel,just read your post..Straight up bud,you hit the nail on the head..You have always spoken truthfully,and from the heart..Thats why you have respect on this board...OUTLAW


    Farkel: i will answer your post at some point today.

    Outlaw: Thats sweet sticking up for your best bud, it amazes me you have any to be quite honest with your attitude. oh and i am so sorry for looking at your post to him, next time i shall look the other way and here i was thinking this was a db, i guess i am a doofus

    I ignore answers? at least i dont ingnore the whole post and randomly hit keys like you appear to do.

    Christian Love R

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    : I know you don't care for me much, but if necessary may I use your words if the subject about earthquakes and the signs of the last days comes up (in my "debate" with REALNESS)? I thought you stated things clearly and concisely.

    I care about everyone who is not a Watchtower power-broker. Really. I sometimes get testy with arguments that are made, and say so about it (sometimes in a nasty manner) , but there is not one person that I've interacted with that I don't care about. That includes Prisca, Trauma Hound, Teejay, Refiners Fire and many others I've battled with over this-and-that. I do not dislike a single one of them.

    If you are not a Watchtower power-broker, consider yourself my friend, who I may or may not disagree with from time-to-time.

    Life is too damn short to make enemies. Before we know it we are dead. When we are dead, we are defined not by the enemies we made, but by the friends we made, or at the very least, by the people who respected us for our integrity, even if they always disagreed with what we thought and said.


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    : I ignore answers? at least i dont ingnore the whole post and randomly hit keys like you appear to do

    Of course, you've stirred up the snake in the snake pit with that totally idiotic non-sequitur. With a statement like I've ignored the whole post, you will be challenged relentlessly to show proof. With regards to the statement that I "randomly hit keys" like I "appear" (Watchtower speak: say it, but don't REALLY say it) to do, you will also likewise be challenged.

    Welcome to the snake pit. I'm the viper, and you are the victim. Don't bring an unarmed weapon into a fact-fight.

    You will lose.

    That being said, "would you like to play with me?"



    Hey Realness,your post is crap,your full of crap..What in your entire post has anything meaningfull to what I have said?..Absolutely nothing..A few empty insults at best..Your Christian love would see me dead.So you can blow that out your ass along with your post....LOL!...OUTLAW

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    Farkel: That comment was directed at OUTLAW, you do seem to have some valid questions and i will post an answer to kill your question regarding earthquakes.


  • dmouse
    and i will post an answer to kill your question regarding earthquakes.

    Not possible, Farkel was absolutely on the money with his comments. You are naive in the extreme if you think you can weazle your way out of this.

    Quite simply, the WBTS have for decades tried to persuade it's followers that earthquakes had increased since 1914. Do you deny this?

    Now, with the advent of the Internet especially, it is easy to prove otherwise. Suddenly the WBTS becomes all wise and suggests that it is a fulfilment of prophecy for the number of earthquakes to remain unchanged. That is, the number and frequency of earthquakes has NOT increased since 1914. The WBTS have been forced to admit this due to easy availability of information. Do you really think the WBTS would admit this unless it was absolutely unavoidable? Are you aware that the most active decade on record for earthquakes was the ten year period just before 1914? Confusing eh?, if you are looking for the composite sign.

    The WBTS have once again been found guilty of misinterpreting scripture and overriding the truth.

    If this was the only problem then I could see how you could rationalise remaining loyal. But the WBTS has been found guilty of prophesying falsely time and time again; they have disregarded the real truth because it doesn't fit their aims; they have allowed innocent victims to sacrifice their lives because the GB have been too pusillanimous to face up to their responsibilities as men; they have allowed children to suffer the torture of abuse in order to protect what little reputation they have; they have consorted with the UN is spite of everything they have said over the past 40 years.

    I hope you are happy with supporting an organisation that survives through lies. They are from their father the devil, the father of the lie.


    Farkel: You said:

    "The watchtower has done a 180 degree turn and stated actual earthquakes in the last days are not as important as the PERCEPTION of people who live through them".

    Then you insightfully add:

    "What means dick in the latest joke from watchtower land is how SCARED the people will be when those earthquakes happen"

    It seems to me you need to read your dictonary.....lets see.....


    1) "To attain awareness or understanding"

    2) " To become aware of through the senses"

    So lets get it straight the wtbs is NOT saying as you wrongly claim "how scared people will be".

    The wtbs is saying that people will perceive these earthquakes in a different manner than previously. They will perceive (attain awareness or understanding) that these are a not run of the mill occurances.

    For example: If an eathquake was to strike twice a day, every day in each continent for the next week would people not perceive/view " become aware through the senses that" that this was something special/worrying.

    So it is not as you wrongly say how scared people become, rather how people understand these earthquakes that happen in way that has not occured before.


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