What happens to the elders?

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  • Chook

    It just means more dickheads gather in one spot

  • JeffT

    I would imagine that the company men will stay, ones that stepped on toes or irritated somebody in a position of power will find that they aren't needed as elders wherever they're assigned.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It just means more dickheads gather in one spot

    It also means there are more elders to "shoulder" the responsibilities, meaning less frequent CLAM assignments, less public talk assignments, etc. But they still won't find the time to shepherd the R&F.

    It also means there will be more competition for the "privileges" in the Cong. Alpha males will win out and others will just have to sit and watch and settle for being assigned to the shitty jobs.

  • sparrowdown

    I reckon all elders will be redundant soon when the org becomes an internet televangelist style religion.

    Until then, the theocratic turf wars will increase and hopefully will cause more to wake up.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I imagine the age-cap will come about if necessary. They can always have a campaign to convince older ones that they can be more valuable as examples of submissiveness to the "young" elders.

  • blondie

    I lived in an area near Wallkill and there were 12 elders per congregation...but remember many Bethelites had to put their responsibilities at Bethel ahead of congregation ones. So they had 1 or 2 backups for every position.

    It made things more difficult with so many persons on the BOE most of them from congregations before where they were the COBOE or in charge. They even had the local needs part at the circuit assembly showing that the elders were having a tug of war by showing 2 groups of brothers pulling opposite ways on a rope.

    Some might not even make the cut as an elder at the new congregation, one way to get rid of deadweight or troublemakers.

  • blondie

    wrong question

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