What happens to the elders?

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  • Worldling9

    With so many KHs closing and congos consolidating, what happens to the elders? Clearly there won't be a place for all of them. Would the older ones be the first to go, losing their long held positions of 'power'?

  • Saename

    Well... Older elders were admonished to start teaching the younger ones so that they could "retire." At least it happened in my congregation before I left—that is about four months ago.

  • ab.ortega

    I think they will all keep their titles, but eventually the Watchtower will place an age cap like they did for CO's and COBOEs...

  • Tallon

    I stand under correction however, I'm guessing that the Elders will be transferred to the BOE of the congregation to which they are re-assigned.

  • Worldling9

    So...a 79 year old egomaniac COBOE probably would lose his position if 'his' congo were dissolved? Yes, I am thinking of someone in particular...

  • redpilltwice

    Tallon is right. Normally, many boe's consist of 5 to 7 persons. With more and more elders getting old and those with fulltime jobs I think there will be no objection against bigger boe's practically and theocratically spoken. Regarding some egomaniacs however, I know some who like to keep power over smaller boe's.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    My sister Church Sunday celebrated older members day, seven 92 and older. One lady has severed 75 years as a usher and still seating folks. There was a topic here"they look so old", yes it's stressful being a JW. Making the comparison with older members in my sister church and older JW's, the folks in my sister church seems to be more energetic and look a lot younger. Older members (JW's) are pushed aside when they are not serviceable....

  • darkspilver

    All things being equal, the more mature the territory is in terms of the length of time the WT has been established then surely the more 'top-heavy' it should be with regards to elders over ministerialservants anyway??

    Face it, if brothers are spiritual and in good standing then, in broad brush thinking according to the WT....

    A smaller amount of ministerialservants aged 20 to 34 (ie those brothers in a 14 year range)

    A larger amount of elders aged 35 to death (ie those brothers in a possible example 42 plus year range)

    Therefore there SHOULD be proportionally at least three times the elders to ministerialservants in WT's mature territories of say North America and Western Europe?

  • BluesBrother

    No maximum number of elders, can have 12 , 15 or more if appointed. Age restriction apples to the COBE only (so far) .. The lobbying and horse-trading would be for the five actual positions,especially the Service Committee....The rest just sit on elders meetings and take a turn at Meeting Assignments & public talks

  • darkspilver

    No maximum number of elders, can have 12 , 15 or more if appointed.

    it surprised somebody....


    The key roles on a BoE are:

    • Coordinator of the Body of Elders - COBO (was Presiding Overseer) (must be less than 80 years old)
    • Congregation Secretary
    • Service Overseer (old Field Overseer)
    • Watchtower Study Conductor
    • Christian Life and Ministry Overseer (was Theocratic Ministry School Overseer)
    • Group Overseer (one for each group of around 15 publishers)

    The Congregation Service Committee is made up of the COBO, Secretary and Service Overseer

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