Independent living for Senior facilities are thru the roof here. What about your area??

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    We checked on a new senior facility, just to get in your must shell out $200.000.00 and

    don't get that back. Two hundred thousand up front and payments from $2500.00-$5000.00

    a month. We are talking about 500 -1000 square feet apartment folks. Or you can spend the rest

    of your life in a seedy facility for around $1500.00 a month with no money up front, and share

    your room.

    For someone who is looking for an investment, this is the way to go. California, folks you pay for

    the weather....

  • fulltimestudent

    The Malaysian government is rumoured to be planning to build retirement resorts for well-off Australians to attract them there.

    Not for me, though. I don't think I'm a well off Aussie.

    My plan is (when i eventually get doddery) is to rent a room in a Buddhist temple (with meals) on a mountain that overlooks the sea, somewhere near Fuzhou, and wait patiently until my last breath.

  • rebelfighter
    We are on the east coast of the US into our 4th year of paying $6,000 per month for a shared room in a lock down unit at a nursing facility for my mother. She is a flight risk.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    fultimstudent: "Buddhist temple on the mountain that overlies the sea". I'm jealous.

    rebelfighter: $6,000 per month. Wow I need to count my blessing.

  • rebelfighter


    Actually, I was trying to take care of her in my home till the County Sheriff and Social Services took me for a little walk one day and insisted that I place her somewhere for MY safety. See she would beat me up and everyone in my house then SHE would call 911 & tell them I was the Mafia holding her hostage.

    She even beat up an EMT driver one day who was trying to take her to the hospital because he said the wrong thing to her.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    We have a similar situation in our family. The husband is trying to take care of his wife and

    she 77 and he 79. You did what you could do and we feel them same with our family member.

    He can't leave her alone for 5 min. It's taking a toll on him. We thought about contacting Social


  • LisaRose
    It is expensive My husband's parents are both in their eighties, they just sold their house and moved to a retirement home. They simply couldn't manage by themselves anymore, neither can drive and my MIL fell and badly broke her leg, no stairs for her and she doesn't want to cook anymore. Fortunately they owned their home free and clear, so they made enough from the sale of the house to cover the expenses for the foreseeable future.
  • LV101

    Yes - it's outrageous in NV even at older assisted living facilities. The fee for 2 is over $6,000 and the one needs no assistance. The newer places have waiting lists. I have them on list for memory care facility and it's $6 to $8 thousand per person. It's all the extra fees on top of the monthly resident fees that add up like shower/med assistance, reminder re/meals, special events, etc., grooming, salon, etc. It's crazy.

    Guess the cult watchtower won't get some oldies' money -- not that my elderly parent and her husband are witnesses but for the aging witnesses there's hope they won't have anything left to bequeath to the cult tower. HAHA!

  • WingCommander
    And this ($$$$$) is why the WT Society is now getting into creating "Assisted Living" facilities for the upper echelon. There is a company owned by JW VIP's here on the east coast of the USA that is building these huge multi-floor, multi-building JW assisted living facilities. They even have scriptural requirements for allowing people in, and of course if you're not packing the required $$$$$, you're not getting IN! Don't worry, Walkhill will be basically the same, except for the young slaves and the Congegations get to build it, AND pay for it !
  • LV101

    Wing - WOW! Thanks for sharing info. Perhaps this has been mentioned previously but I didn't realize it was for real. The cult isn't going to miss out on the gold re/aging population. There was a special on TV re/shortage of senior housing and developers/contractors in this country. You wouldn't believe the waiting lists here for the decent ones.

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