More money-grubbing: Give us your money even if you can't afford food

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  • Spiral

    And by the way, what does being in a wheelchair needing oxygen have to do with being infertile? (see paragraph 15)

    And paragraph 17 about "low finances" (who writes this stuff?) says if you give your all someone else will pick up the slack and feed you. And yet, the bOrg has no charity, no soup kitchen, no senior program in place to help the elderly.


  • dubstepped
    Splash15 hours agoThe WT completely miss the point of this account.
    Both versions of the needy widow in Lu 21 and Ma 12 start with Jesus giving a warning to his disciples who are about to witness the widow making herself destitute. Jesus says "Beware of the scribes... they devour the houses of the widows".
    Continuing, he sits his disciples down near the treasury chests to demonstrate what he means.
    The poor widow comes by and puts in everything she has - "she, out of her want, put in everything she had, all she had to live on".
    How can this be commendable?
    She is the centre of Jesus lesson on how not to be like the scribes who demand too much, even from those who can least afford it. We know how Jesus felt about the self-important, self serving scribes and pharisees. The GB are just the modern day equivalent, equal in their delusion and cruelty.

    WTF?! Where did this explanation come from? Why have I never noticed those preceding verses? Does any religion point that out? Or were we just snowed as JWs by the latter part of that? It blew my mind when I saw your explanation. Of course that's what he was doing. It's no coincidence that he mentions widows and then points out a widow that donated all she had to those religious leaders. Wow, mind blown.

    I always took issue with the explanation from the JWs. I always wondered how it was commendable to be so unreasonable as to literally give everything you had with nothing left. I thought we weren't supposed to put God to the test, and it sounds like that's what she was doing. It never made sense to me. I get that being charitable is a good thing, but what she did always sounded like lunacy to me. No wonder. It wasn't the point in the first place. Damn. I don't believe in the BIble or any of that anymore, but it still blows my mind to see how the wool was pulled over my eyes since I was a kid.

  • Virgochik

    Notice how the elderly lady is now wearing a skirt for the meeting, though she's got health issues. She'd receive frosty disapproval if she was more comfortable in slacks. The demure, simpering sister next to her is also in a mandatory skirt, draped well over the knees. They got that little message in there too, an example of what must be worn at the meetings. The elderly woman cast off the blanket from her lap and changed into her Modest Christian Woman Meeting Clothes.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    If this isn't indicative of financial problems in the Org, I don't know what is.

    Definitely, they announced a halt to their real estate building except a few, bought land contaminated with deadly chemicals, and as genius Rubber mouth Lett said it is a simple case of having negative case flow, and slyly put the blame of lack of contribution after they robbed the congregation of any savings they had and selling Kingdom Halls all over the place.

    These wack GBs don't know shit about running a business they claim is God's very own earthly Organization. With CEOs like this calling the shots you gotta know they got big problems and they are enlarging, along with computer technology Moor'se Law. All they are really good at is talking stupid ass bull shit as they live in their delusional world of the F&DS and thinking what makes the big guy upstairs(Jebboba) happy or sad and how to cheer him up so he will give them more cash.

    Legal expenses must be mounting I'm sure they are hiring a lot of outside the organization legal help and it must be expensive and their credit rating is down the tubes they can't get money if they needed it with all these lawsuit biting their asses. Someone announced years ago they lost their credit rating and are considered a bad risk which seems only natural looking at the trouble they are in with the law.

    Yes there's trouble in river city:

  • smiddy

    Didnt the second president of the WTB&TS , C.T.Russell say something like we will not beg or solicit for money ?

    if the willing contributions without that pressure run out , it will be a sign from God , that is enough .

    or something like that.

    C.T.Russell the second president ? you ask ? Yes , he was.

    W.H.Conley , was the first president of the WTB&TS

  • Vidiot

    @ Brokeback...

    A fader friend and I have both joked that watching the whole thing - as it's happening - is like seeing a trainwreck in slow motion.

    Enron all over again, with a religious spin. :smirk:

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