1000 Years is Like 1 Day?

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  • WTWizard

    Simple. Joke-hova can simply stall, since that thing can wait for 1,000 years with about as much hardship as a single day would be for us. This means that it can make things miserable for everyone, then get everyone into some bogus religion. And, even if things go wrong (such as the printing press ending the original Dark Ages), that thing can regain another Dark Ages. If Christi-SCAM-ity fails, Islam can be tried. Either way, the object is to suppress science and common sense so we can be enslaved.

    And, with things going the way they are, joke-hova will soon get another chance to impose another Dark Ages. The jokehovian witlesses might not pull it off, though they are helping with their LIE-ble placements and damnation workings. Internet II imposed, forced flu shots and mandatory physicals (where they have warped definitions of diseases to get the whole population medicated, such as a 90/60 blood pressure limit instead of 140/90), and the Microchip (That abomination called ObamaCare carries microchips required by December 31, 2017 by midnight).

    The free and open Internet is our last chance. If they take that away, we really will be in a Dark Age. Microchips will be imposed on everyone, and getting people out of the jokehovian witless religion will be the last of our problems. And, for sure, those within the jokehovians will not have this, or any, forum or apostate site or video channels to support them. They will just blindly do another Israel mission in 2018, when they are told to. And this time, no Renaissance.

    That joke-hova treats 1,000 years as one day simply means that thing has that much longer to pull this off. Sure, joke-hova would like to get us all microchipped by midnight December 31, 2017. But, if there are still those not chipped, they simply need log everyone that has a registered chip and go door to door during early 2018 to round up everyone without a chip and force one on them. A few guns? That is what gun control is about--so people rounding the population up for microchipping don't need to worry about someone shooting them instead of getting The Chip. A short delay--just equal to about three minutes of waiting.

  • Onager

    I have to say WTWizard, that post does come across as a teeny bit crackers.

  • BluesBrother

    If that be the case and The Almighty works on a slower timetable than mere mortal humans, none of the time prophecies would mean anything to us. However the WTS sometimes keeps literal days (Daniel 12.11 ) 1260 days from Dec 1914 to June 1918. Other times it is a "day for a year" which we all know. So what is it to be ?

    When I was in I just trusted the G/body to know what they were doing....

    I had a chat with an elder about this, [Jehovah's count of time being different to ours]. I said that if that be the case and he is speaking to human beings, surely he would use human time, so we could understand. To do otherwise would be unloving. even cruel.

  • redvip2000


    Love your posts. Post more. That microchipping thing is way out there, but it's a hoax though. Obamacare does not have have provision for microchipping anybody.

  • deegee

    This is just another way for the WT (and others) to avoid admitting that Jesus said that he would return before HIS GENERATION had passed away:

    and so they resort to all sorts of speculative interpretations to make Jesus' words not mean what they clearly say. To do otherwise would mean admitting that Jesus made a failed end of the world prediction which would make Jesus Christ...........wait for it.........a false prophet!

  • deegee

    - a 1000 years is as 1 day
    - Jesus meant:
    * the world would end before the generation that saw 1914 passed away
    * the generation of people who were at least 12 years old in 1914
    * the generation of people who were babies, at least 0 years old in 1914
    * the generations are overlapping

    - no one knows the day or hour

    ............etc etc.............

    are all rationalizations and apologetics to avoid admitting that Jesus Christ made a failed end of the world prediction.

  • deegee

    BTW, according to the WT "day" has several meanings:
    - 1 day
    - 77.14 days
    - 360 days
    - 1 year
    - 1,000 years
    - 7,000 years


  • ttdtt

    Rest of the scripture says - "a day is like a 1000 years"

    So at best the scriptures means time is irrelevant but I have never heard the 2nd half of the scripture mentioned on the platform (except by me).

  • blondie

    2 Peter 3:8New International Version (NIV)

    8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

  • scratchme1010

    Anyone else hear about this. As all j-dubs know, whenever someone complains about how long the "new system" is taking too arrive, they use the excuse that Jehovah works on his own time. Quite a few times during the public talks, I've heard speakers say the phrase "1000 years to us is only one day to Jehovah" (my parents never stop talking about this). I don't recall seeing this in any literature. Whenever I ask other witnesses, some have heard it, but many have not. Have any of you seen or heard this? Where did that particular number come from (because others have said it's only 100)?

    I grew up hearing that crap all the time. It's just more nonsense, used at their convenience and as an extremely contrived way of explaining why people have dedicated their entire lives, die and never get to see their ridiculous paradise on Earth.

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