Staying a Jehovah's Witness

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  • lriddle80

    Why the shunning if someone leaves? Why are they working so hard to keep everyone in? Is it money? My son asked me and I said money, most likely, but is it just that they would lose that per month donation? Is it so that they can look at all the numbers to trick people that it's the truth? Because, really, if a bunch of people left, then they can sell off more kingdom halls....?

  • LV101

    I think a bunch of people have left from the sounds of it but reckon the cult is hangin' on for dear life to the die-hards. Yeah - they certainly need money and lots of money!

    So many don't want to walk away from their social club or lose their families, wives, friends, etc., and the rest aren't giving up their delusions/fantasies.

  • vienne

    They believe they have the Truth. If you leave the truth, in their view, you will die at Armageddon. I give them credit for not wanting anyone to die. And like the medieval church, they believe that those who leave are a corrupting influence. They imperil the life-prospects of others.

    If you do not believe their message, this is nonsense. But it is as they see it. And if you believe their message, this is serious business.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Can you imagine if they changed the shunning rules??!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

    People would definitely realised that this “tooth”... is not the “TOOTH”!!! 🦷🦷🦷🦷

    So GB just keeps dragging their feet until there’s huge holes in their shoes and then in their socks... and I think that after that, they will still try to patch those up!

    In terms of members I agree with the top comment... losing family friends position social club status.

    when you know nothing else the world it’s a very scary place. Many prefer to stay than having to face life and start again. It’s already so ingrained in the day to day lives and in their being.

    And there’s never a guarantee that they’ll make it outside either!

    So yep... sad but unfortunately it’s the reality.

  • LongHairGal


    I ‘faded’ from the JW religion years ago and I am shunned somewhat when I run into some JWs in stores. I laugh now.

    I think that Witnesses are angry at people who leave the religion partly because there are TOO many people leaving. I think they are also pissed because we seem to be happy and/or doing well and this threatens them in some way. I also think it’s partly because the religion is looking for money and they are angry they can’t come up to me with an envelope for some needy JW who never wanted to work.

  • LV101

    LongHairGal -- I prefer being shunned when I'm shopping (doing anything) because they know I'm happy and was miserable around them (what little time I forced myself )- ahhh, memories 101! You and I aren't being chased around for handouts - suits me just fine! I prefer to give/spend my money in a worthwhile way.

  • Tameria2001

    If the Watchtower ever reversed its decision to stop all shunning, and all of a sudden my JW relatives tried to talk to me, I would tell them all to go straight to hell and stay the F out of my life.

  • User99

    The biggest reason for shunning may be to keep those who think they have “the truth” from those who would love to explain why they are sadly mistaken. That seems to explain why family members can still discuss family business but are not allowed to discuss “spiritual matters”.

  • ToesUp

    The shunning is emotional blackmail and WT knows it. They know it keeps those "in the toof." It has caused so many broken families and pain. It's Watchtowers form of punishment.

    I'd rather be shunned then ever have to enter a Kingdumb Hell again!

  • peacefulpete

    Yes, the shunning threat can be a deterrent for some to openly question the church, and yes it can also act as a isolation technique screening the members from those who leave. Also those abused by this program more often than not desperately return because of the anguish and isolation it creates in someone still conditioned by the church, and so preserves the status quo.

    But I think it is more fundamental than that, their world is black or white, us and them. Why did Yahwist priests insist the killing of religious rivals in the OT? They were not us, they were them. The WT many years ago said rather frankly the laws of the land prevented stoning so disfellowshipping will have to do until god kills them. It is good to remember that they are vested in this belief system and will passionately defend it, I'm absolutely sure that a large percentage would kill if asked, given some rationalizing in the literature came first. Black and white. A dangerous way to think.

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